Friday, September 2, 2011

Hurricanes, Assassins, and Obnoxious Clapping

Long time no read! or write.. I guess that all depends on what perspective you're coming at this from. So maybe it would be better to start off with..

Long time no write for me and no read for you! ..OK that admittedly doesn't have the same ring to it, no pop. But that's all irrelevant because there are far greater matters afoot! (Pardon my corny and overblown enthusiasm)

This is a pretty HUGE couple of weeks for me as a sports fan. It all started last weekend for me while the destructive and sinister Hurricane Irene terrorized much of my area. I managed to isolated myself in a protective four walled abode, also known as my room, and partake in my annual fantasy football draft. This year it was a 12 team snake where I had the 8th pick. I'll let you guys figure out if my draft was a success, here are my picks:

8. Jamaal Charles KC RB
17. Roddy White Atl WR
32. Miles Austin Dal WR
41. Ahmad Bradshaw NYG RB
56. BenJarvus Green-Ellis Ne RB
65. Josh Freeman TB QB
80. Jonathan Stewart Car RB
89. Steelers D/ST
104. Johnny Know Chi WR
113. Michael Bush Oak RB
128. Matt Cassel KC QB
137. Tony Gonzalez Atl TE
152. Danny Ammendola StL WR
161. Jerome Simpson Cin WR
176. Stephen Gostkowski NE K
185. Montario Hardesty Cle RB

So there it is, my team. You guys can probably tell that I used the strategy of loading up on as many WR/RBs as possible, because that is how you win. You go into every season knowing what you'll get from the QBs but it's the WR and RBs that are volatile positions. So my recommendation for those of you participating in upcoming drafts is if you can't get one of the top QBs wait as long as you can to the point where you can still get a QB you can trust, get a marquee RB and WR, then fill in the rest of your roster with as many RB and WRs as possible. Believe me, you don't need depth at TE, D/ST, or Kicker so there is no point in drafting depth there. Any by the way my team name is The Social As5a5sans. (Yes, it's from Curb Your Enthusiasm and yes, I realize how not cool the 5a5 sequence is in the middle. Unfortunately wouldn't allow the use of Assassins.)

Then as you all know the Yankees just wrapped up a series with the Boston Red Sox. The impact this series had on me as a fan can not be understated. Don't get me wrong, I love my Yankees but to be honest with you up to this point it's kinda been a lethargic season for me as a fan with only a couple moments of real excitement. ( i.e. DJ3K) This series however, was captivating. From an obnoxious clap from Fransisco Cervelli resulting in a bean ball and cleared benches to Jesus Montero getting called up to Adrian Gonzalez leaving the bat on his shoulder for the final out against the almighty Mariano. This series got me re-hooked and begging for a Yankee/Red Sox ALCS. The best part about it was that the Yanks actually grew a pair and took a series from Boston, it's about time! Listen, it doesn't matter who wins the Wild Card or who wins the division and I think both teams feel that way. But, if the Yankees and Red Sox are playing each other, it's all good.

And that leaves the thing I am the most excited for... We are a week away from real football. Oh yes, let hat sink in, real unfiltered NFL football. Watching the Giants along with the rest of the league is my favorite part of the year and to say I'm excited would be a colossal understatement. I don't know what this season will bring or how my Giants will do, but watching it all unfold will feel so damn good. Let's go G-Men!

Class Dismissed,
Student of Sports


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