Friday, September 16, 2011

SoS Pick'em Week 2

It's that time again for Ray Box and I to get in our weekly picks. Real quick I'll go over how we're scoring this because I didn't get into it last week.

The scoring will be based on points where we will get a single point for each of the spreads we pick right and two points for our upset pick. Since the two are scored differently your upset can be one ofe your spread picks. We will also keep track of records for a tie breaker. Records will count our upset picks. Feel free to play at home and post your picks as comments on each post.

OK, so now that that's put of the way let's see how Ray Box and I fared in week 1. I went a very pedestrian 2-2, scoring 2 points, and missed on my upset pick of St. Louis over Philli. Ray Box posted a very impressive goose egg going 0-4 and netting 0 points. Safe to say he did NOT get his upset pick right of Miami over New England.

Alright so on to week 2. There are so many questions that need to be answered! Will the G-Men rebound? How good is Chicago? Can Cam Newton pick up from where he left off? Will Ray finally get a win?!?!?! Now for the picks..

Student of Sports (2-2, 2pts):
Seattle (+14.5) over Pittsburgh
Atlanta (+2.5) over Philadelphia
(Have you noticed has the serious anti-Pennsylvania feel to these first 2 picks? This is NOT intentional.. Although I do hate the Eagles..)
Dallas (-2.5) over San Francisco
And for my upset I'm going to pick the Titans in a stunner over the Ravens. I'm a little concerned that last Sundays romping of the Steelers may have been the Ravens Super Bowl and the might suffer a let down.

Ray Box (0-4, 0pts):
Detroit (-8.5) over Kansas City
Dallas (-2.5) over San Francisco
Philadelphia (-2.5) over Atlanta (This is big Ray's heart-breaker.)
And for his upset, Raymundo is going with Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers to take down the Green Bay Packers. Hey, you gotta admire the guys courage, right?

Once again, feel free to submit your picks in the comment section below. Enjoy the weekend everybody!

Class Dismissed,
Student of Sports


P.S. Look out for the SoS Podcast with Ray Box and I, hoping to get that up soon.

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  1. Raiders +2.5
    Packers -10.5
    Ravens -5.5

    Upset: Raiders over Bills