Thursday, September 8, 2011

SoS NFL Preview

Before we get this thing started I would like to make a point. And to make that point I'd like to call upon the help of the great Neil Young..


Oh Yeah! Here it is! Football. And, unlike the last couple posts this is REAL, UNFILTERED enthusiasm. I am pumped, and pumped my friends, is an understatement. To explain my excitement I will call upon our second video of the day. (Yes, I did just learn how to incorporate videos in the blog) This is literally how I started my day today, just replace "buy suits" with "watch football"...

Is there honestly a better time of the year than football? I think not. The feeling I have every Sunday simply goes unmatched during any other part of my life. It's an escape, a vacation, a romance, football to me is heaven. When I die, if there is a heaven and IF I get in, I want St. Peter to walk me into a room where I can sit down next to God on a huge heavenly couch. I hope I can feast on unlimited heavenly Papa John's cheese bread and drink an unlimited amount of Mountain Dew Code Red. (Notice I didn't say 'heavenly Mountain Dew Code Red'. That's because there is no need since I am assuming God accidentally dropped all his Code Red onto Earth and ever since then we've been blessed with heaven's sweet sweet nectar.) And God looks over to me and says, "Who do you have in the Giants vs Eagles game? Vegas has the spread at Giants -3.5." And we sit there and watch football for eternity because in heaven, every day is Sunday. So tonight at 8:30 PM EST when the defending champion Green Bay Packers will be kicking off the season against the New Orleans Saints you can bet top dollar, not just bottom dollar but top, that I will be sitting on my coach soaking it all in.

So enough with the fairytale let's get to the nitty gritty, the guts, the core, the medulla oblongata! Let's get to the SoS NFL preview!


Ok, right off the bat let's start with the local teams, the New York Jets and the New York Giants.By the way you should vote in the poll to the left in who you think will win more games.

New York Jets
I'll be honest with you Jet fans, I'm not a huge fan of your coach. He's obnoxious, cocky, annoying, and starving for attention. But, none of those qualities are important because simply put, the guy knows football. Say what you want about him but he's a good coach and a defensive guru. And as long as he's at the helm the Jets will have a fighting chance. Group that with a young up and coming QB, solid offensive weapons, and very good defense and you're going to have a good season.
Positives: Defense, Defense, Defense.
My Concerns: I'm not sure how their o-line will hold up this year due to a severe lack of depth, keep an eye on that. Also, I think their receiving core got worse over the off season. You can't undervalue how important Cotchery was to this team and to Mark Sanchez, plus say what you want about him but Braylon Edwards was a big play threat. I'm not sold on a 80 year old Derek Mason and a Plaxico Burress who just got out of jail.
Predicted Record: I see them finishing they year with a very impressive 11-5 record.

New York Giants
Ahh my beloved New York Giants. I'll be honest, this is extremely tough for me... This off season sucked for them on paper and guys like Steve Smith and Kevin Boss will not easily be replaced. Couple that with injuries to up and coming star Terrell Thomas and MLB Jonathan Goff (along with others) and it seems like a recipe for disaster. So what has me holding on to a glimmer of hope? The past. For the majority of my life time as unpredictable as the Giants have been on the field, their front office has been a strength. They seem to have an uncanny ability to know when to cut the chords on guys and how to promote from within. So let's hope to God that my G-Men have something up their sleeves and pull a winning season out of their asymptotes.
Positives: The Giants have 4 things things that are really the foundation of any successful team a good head coach, a solid QB, a good running game, and an elite pass rush. There is no denying that those are four strengths for my G-Men and you would think should lead them to playoff contention. Not to mention rising stars Hakeem Nicks and Mario Manningham at receiver. They have a chance to be explosive on both sides of the ball.
My Concerns: Anybody who has paid any sort of attention to the Giants last season and this past off season will understand why the following are my concerns so I feel no need to elaborate: Turnovers, Special Team, and Health.
Predicted Record: Through ups and downs the end the year with a respectable 10-6.

So now that those two are out of the way it's time to take a look at the rest of the NFL really quick..

In the NFC: I think both the Eagles and the Giants will have around 10 wins, but I'm giving the Giants the tie breaker simply because I'm incredibly biased and I love the Giants, not to mention a strong resentment for the Eagles. In the north the Packers have a huge season and take it despite big improvements to teams like the Vikings and Lions. The south is extremely tight but I think the Falcons will pull it out despite an extremely close race between them and the Saints and Bucs. I feel like I'm one of the only people in the world who think that Bucs will continue to be competitive but what can I say? I'm in on Josh Freeman. All there is for me to say in the west is that the Rams will be the only team that actually resembles a team and therefore they will win. As for the Wild Cards, I see them going to the Eagles and the Bucs.
In the AFC: As much as I think the Jets are probably one of the most well-rounded teams in football I think the Patriots edge them out in the division once again. In the north I see the Steelers separating themselves from the Ravens a bit and taking the division. In the south it's pretty Peyton returns to the Colts a couple weeks in and they edge out the Texans by a hair. If this is correct we finally see the end of the Gary Kubiak era and the Texans flourish in 2012-13. (This prediction is pending Peyton's return) In the west the Chargers finally get it together and dominate their division. For the Wild Cards I see it going to the Jets and the Ravens, I know.. Surprise, surprise..

Super Bowl: The Patriots over the Packers. (Let me make a disclaimer that I will never outwardly pick the Giants to go to the Super Bowl but I will always secretly pick them. I just can't afford to jinx them so I will never take the chance.)

So now, I implore you all to enjoy not only tonight but every NFL football game for the rest of the season to the fullest. And cherrish it! Because as sports fans this is it for us and to take it for granted would be foolish.

Class Dimissed,
Student of Sports


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