Monday, August 1, 2011

An Inconvenient Truth About the 2011 New York Yankees

And I promise, there will be no Al Gore..

Well I hope you all have been enjoying your summers because one aspect of mine is pretty sucky. One of the things I looked forward to about this summer would be watching the Yankees as they marched their way into the playoffs, and hopefully World Series. Half of that does indeed look inevitable, they WILL  make the playoffs. Albeit it might be from the wild card, but I actually kinda anticipated that...

This is the link to my MLB preview blog before the season where I predict the Yankees falling short to the BoSox in the division but eventually winning the World Series. SoS MLB Preview

Now if you read that over you'll see a lot of what I predicted seems to be in play. (Still waiting on the Twins to make that come back..) But unfortunately I'm beginning to feel less and less confident in my Yanks World Series pick. I was certain, I mean CERTAIN, that they would make some kind of move at the deadline, and they didn't. I couldn't fathom when last Sunday came and went and the Bombers remained dormant. Every second that passed made it more and more clear that I would need to come to terms with the fact that after CC the Yankees looked poised to through out AJ Burnett, Phil Hughes, and pick your poison with Freddy Garcia or Bartolo Colon. Don't get me wrong, Garcia and Colon have been sensational this year, 1,000% more than what the Yanks could have asked them for. But if you expect me to sit here and tell you that they are going to hold up through the entire season, you're sadly mistaken. Freddy Garcia gets by on what might just be the worst 'stuff' in all of baseball and would get clobbered against team like Boston or Texas. And then we have our good buddy Bartolo, not exactly a body type built for a marathon if you know what I mean.. And because of severe hazards to my health as a Yankee fan I'm going to refrain from talking about Burnett or Hughes. Oh gosh... the headache is starting already.. And let me say I actually like Ivan Nova, but I like him as that guy who people debate as to whether he should get a post season start or not, not the guy who will probably need to pitch significant innings in October.

One thing I need to point out is that Cashman didn't have many options in terms of picking up an arm. I wasn't huge on Ubaldo so I wouldn't break the bank for him, but I'd be willing to take a chance with a guy like Wandy or Bedard. And I don't want to hear anybody complain about taking chances on guys like that who might not pan out because there's one thing everyone needs to remember, WE ARE THE YANKEES. We can make moves that might not work out and it won't hurt us. After all, we still have Kei Igawa. Long story short, I was expecting the Yanks to make some kind of move, take some sort of risk. Anything to give me hope, and they didn't.

So do I wish the Yankees win it all? Of course. Am I confident they will? Not too much.. Am I hoping this is just a 600 word long reverse jinx? Hell freaking yes.

Well, all I can do now is hope I'm dead wrong. So that's what I'll do, and I hope it's what the rest of you guys do.

Class Dismissed,
The Sports Undergrad


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