Friday, December 23, 2011

Go For It or Stay Away Week 16

Here it is, this is Championship Week for the majority of Fantasy Football players. If you are still alive your team is probably pretty set, but I am here for your help anyways. I love this time of the season, because every single decision that you make can potentially make or break you. It is crunch time, time to bring your best. Lets get started.

Go For It


Cam Newton Car- When looking at solid matchups for Cam Newton, I look for weak defenses as a whole. Not just poor pass defenses, but also teams who struggle against the run. Well, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers definitely fit that bill. I look for Cam to go off in this game. He is an absolute must start, Go For It! Honorable Mention- Tim Tebow, Matt Ryan, and Mark Sanchez.

Running Backs

Rashard Mendenhall Pit- If you are a Mendenhall owner and are reading this column, you probably have a pretty strong team. Mendenhall has been so disappointing this season, so I assume if you made the finals in your league, it was not on the back on Rasard Mendenhall. I think this is the week that he receives your forgiveness. I love the matchup this week against the Rams who are the 32nd ranked team against the run in the NFL. Not to mention, with Big Ben banged up I expect to see a heavy dose of the run. Start Mendenhall with confidence.

Willis McGahee Den- Denver plays the Buffalo Bills this week, who have been terrible against the run this year, especially recently. He is a bit banged up but it appears he is going to play. Assuming he plays McGahee is a must start this week. Go For It! Honorable Mention- LeGarrette Blount, Ryan Matthews, and Reggie Bush.

Wide Receivers

Demaryius Thomas Den- Love the matchup for the Broncos all over the field against the Bills. Thomas has been Tim Tebow's number one target the past few weeks. I do think that the Broncos run the ball a lot in this game, but the Bills secondary can certainly be beat deep. That is where Thomas comes in. I like him a lot this week.

Santana Moss Was- I like Moss as a good #2 option this week. Since returning from injury he has obviously returned as Rex Grossman's number one target. He gets the Minnesota Vikings this week, whose secondary is atrocious. Go For It when it comes to Santana Moss this week. Honorable Mention- Brandon Marshall, AJ Green, and Victor Cruz.

Tight End

Jermichael Finley GB- With Jennings out Rodgers looked for Finley much more than he did before. I think they lean on him heavily in this Christmas Day game against the Bears. Remember last time against Chicago? Finley scored 3 times, start him with extreme confindence. Honorable Mention- Aaron Hernandez, Brent Celek, and Dustin Keller.

Stay Away


Eli Manning NYG- Manning has been great this season, but in the championship game of your fantasy league, it is really tough to start a guy against one of the pass defenses in the league, unless he is a top 5 guy (which I do not think Eli is). I just feel there are much better options out there than Eli Manning against Darrell Revis and Co. Stay Away. Dishonorable Mention- Joe Flacco and Ben Roethlisberger.

Running Backs

BenJarvus Green-Ellis NE- The law firm has been very up and down this season. He may score and salvage a decent game, but I am staying away from him in such an important week against a good rush defense in Miami.

Marshawn Lynch Sea- As great as Lych has been, I cannot recommend a running back against the 49ers defense. They have not given up a rushing TD all season! If you have to start Lynch but I would be looking for other options. Dishonorable Mention- Roy Helu, Any GB RB, and Ahmad Bradshaw.

Wide Receivers

Brandon Lloyd Stl- I think that Lloyd will get the attention of the Steelers defense all day. Not to mention the Steelers allow the fewest fantasy points to opposing Wide Receivers in the league. Stay Away.

Hakeem Nicks NYG- Boy, Nicks could have had a great day last week. He had some key drops that killed his team, and ripped the hearts out of his fantasy owners. This week, he will probably be on Revis Island. You may not have better options, but if possible I am staying away from Nicks. Dishonorable Mention- Stevie Johnson, Nate Washington, and Laurent Robinson.

Tight End

Kellen Winslow TB- He is a guy that needs to score a touchdown to be successful, and he has not scored in a while. Freeman just does not seem to look for him as much. I am not a big Winslow fan this week. Stay Away. Dishonorable Mention- Mercedes Lewis and Heath Miller

There you have it guys. I hope this helps you in your goal to take down your league title. If you need any more help do not hesitate to send me a Tweet @FfootballQA. Good luck and Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Go For It or Stay Away Week 15

I always tend to change my approach at this point of the season in Fantasy Football. During the season, I usually lean towards guys with high “boom or bust” potential. Now, that does not mean I always start guys like that, but if I have two players that you could argue starting, I usually go with the guy that could potentially go off for a huge game as opposed to the guy that is more of a consistent scorer. Now that we are in the playoffs, it is all about consistency for me. At this point, most of us are in a 'win or go home' type of scenario. I think it is very smart to switch up your thinking in the playoffs and lean towards the guys that will give you that consistency. You simply cannot afford to have a goose egg in your lineup this week. Alright, lets get started.

Go For It


Tony Romo Dal- Not only has Romo been very good recently, he has been consistent all season. We all know that he can be erratic as a NFL QB at times, but you can usually count on him for good fantasy production. This week Romo and the Cowboys go on the road to take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bucs have struggled defending the pass all season, and have lost seven straight games. I look for the Cowboys to throw the ball early and often to try and put this one away right away. Honorable Mention- Tim Tebow, Rex Grossman, and Andy Dalton.

Running Backs

Chris Johnson Ten- Johnson has seemed to take advantage of poor run defenses recently. Scoring huge against Tampa Bay, Carolina, and Buffalo in three of the past five weeks. This week he faces the Indianapolis Colts, who have given up the 3rd most points to opposing Running Backs. Chris Johnson has feasted on weak run defenses and has been average against better ones. Indy is obviously awful against the run, and therefore I am starting Johnson with extreme confidence this week. Go For It!

Roy Helu Was- It has been a very impressive few weeks for Helu. He has rushed for at least 100 yards in three straight games. Not only are the stats there, this rookie running back has passed the eye test. He looks like a very patient runner, and I for one have been very impressed. The best part about Roy Helu is his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. He is definitely an option for Rex Grossman, stabilizing his value if the Redskins get blown out. Honorable Mention- Felix Jones, Cedric Benson, and Reggie Bush.

Wide Receivers

AJ Green Cin- If we lived in a world where there was no Cam Newton, AJ Green would be the runaway NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year. Unfortunately, for the WR sensation out of Georgia, Cam does exist and will probably walk away with the award. Green has still had an outstanding season, and has a really solid rapport with fellow rookie Andy Dalton. They face the Rams this week, who can not stop anybody. Green is a must start this week. Go For It!

Percy Harvin Min- Harvin has scored 5 touchdowns in the past 4 games. He has been a real weapon for the Vikings, and Joe Webb looked very good last week taking over for an injured Christian Ponder. If Ponder cannot go this week, I am not worried because Webb showed he is formidable. The Vikings face the powerful Saints this week, so Harvin could be a guy who puts up big garbage time points this week. Honorable Mention- Eric Decker, Dez Bryant, and Damian Williams.
Tight End

Jake Ballard NYG- Ballard has been pretty hit or miss this season, but lets be honest, pretty much any tight end not named Gronkowski, Graham, or Gates is hit or miss. The Giants play the Redskins this week, who allow the second most points to opposing Tight Ends. I think Ballard has a good chance at a red zone score in this one. Honorable Mention- Jermichael Finley and Kellen Winslow Jr.

Stay Away


Phillip Rivers SD- Rivers has been much better as of late, but I am not a believer for this week. This one is pretty simple, he faces the Baltimore Ravens, who have arguably the best defense in the league. Rivers has struggled with turnovers this season and the Ravens have caused a ton. Tough for me to recommend Rivers at all this week. Stay Away. Dishonorable Mention- Alex Smith and Mark Sanchez.

Running Backs

Rashard Mendenhall Pit- Mendenhall has been quite possibly the most disappointing player in fantasy football this year. He has had decent games here and there, but has not been the consistent performer that his owners have come to expect. I have to imagine that you have much better options this week than Mendenhall against the number one run defense in the NFL, the San Francisco 49ers. Stay Away.

Deangelo Williams/ Jonathan Stewart Car- Once again I am going to put these guys up here together. I would like to say, that I would not be surprised if one guy or the other was to go off for a big game. That being said, it is impossible to pick which one will. Against (in my opinion) the best overall defense in the league, the timeshare between the two guys, and Cam Newton stealing major goal line carries, there are many reasons to stay far away from Carolina Running Backs this week. Dishonorable Mention- CJ Spiller, Frank Gore, and Mike Tolbert.

Wide Receivers

Vincent Jackson SD- As I mentioned earlier in this piece, when it comes down to the playoffs I try and pick more consistent guys as opposed to swinging for the fences with more of a risky pick. Well, Jackson has been the definition of a 'swing for the fences' guy this season. You never know what you will get from him, and I for one am not willing to put my playoff hopes in the hands of Vincent Jackson, especially against the tough Ravens defense. Stay Away.

Pierre Garcon Ind- Garcon is another 'hit or miss' kind of guy. He has been very inconsistent, and I think that there are much better options out there. Garcon has put up some pretty solid overall statistics this season, but a lot of those numbers have come from a handful of games. I would just like to see a bit more consistency to be able to trust him at this point in the season against a solid defense like Tennessee. Dishonorable Mention- Santonio Holmes, Anquan Boldin, and Johnny Knox.

Tight End

Greg Olsen Car- The Houston Texans have not given up many points at all to opposing Tight Ends this season. I look at Olsen as a very hit or miss play this week, basically depending on if he scores. He is not worth the risk in my eyes. Stay Away. Dishonorable Mention- Heath Miller and Vernon Davis.

Alright guys, here is the “Go For It or Stay Away” for Week 15. I hope you all enjoyed it and it was helpful to you in your playoff run. I would like to wish you all good luck, and continued success. Go get em! As always, I am always here for your help, do not hesitate to send me a tweet @FfootballQA.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Go For It or Stay Away Week 14

Your league is either in the playoffs are right at the end of the regular season, it is crunch time. Hopefully, your team is still alive and you are in position to make a run at the title. If so, I am here to help you make the right decisions to go after that 1st place spot in your league. Let's get started

Go For It


Matthew Stafford Det- Stafford has not been very consistent for his fantasy owners this season. He has had his ups and downs but there is no doubt that the leader of this Detroit offense is a very solid fantasy option. I like him a lot this week against the Vikings who have allowed the most fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks in the NFL. Go For It! Honorable Mention- Phillip Rivers, Tony Romo, and Matt Ryan.

Running Backs

Rashard Mendenhall Pit- Mendenhall has been very disappointing this season. Most weeks he would be in the Stay Away side of this piece. Tonight, his Steelers face the Cleveland Browns on Thursday Night Football. The Browns are one of the worst teams against the run this season, and one of the best against the pass. I think that Pittsburgh will look to run early and often in this one. It could be a very nice game for Mendenhall this week.

Ryan Matthews SD- Well, it is December. Therefore, it is time for the Chargers to actually start playing to their abilities. They seem to finish strong every season, and as we saw last week, this season may not be any different. Matthews looked very good last week and against the Bills, who have struggled against the run, I like him in a repeat performance this week. I am starting Matthews with confidence this week. Honorable Mention- Micheal Turner, Reggie Bush, Shonn Greene.

Wide Receivers

Dez Bryant Dal- Miles Austin and Laurent Robinson both practiced today and I expect them both to play on Sunday. That being said, Bryant is the number one guy for Tony Romo. I love him this week in a matchup with the Giants that could turn into a shootout. Go For It!

Santana Moss Was- I think the Redskins passing game will be in for some decent production in garbage time this week against the Patriots. Moss could be a very big beneficiary of that. The Patriots have given up the most fantasy points in the league this season to opposing Wide Receivers. I think Moss is a decent #2 Wide Receiver option and a very good Flex play this week. Honorable Mention- Anquan Boldin, Jordy Nelson, and Damian Williams.

Tight End

Dustin Keller NYJ- Tight End is a very tough position to project. After your top tier guys (Graham, Gronkowski, Gates, Witten, Finley, etc) it is very hard to expect much, and I try not to mention obvious starts like those guys. I have found myself starting Keller in a few leagues this week in his great matchup against the Chiefs. He seems to stumble on some big scoring games, and I think this could be a week for one of those. Honorable Mention- Kellen Winslow, Jared Cook, and Jake Ballard.

Stay Away


Andy Dalton Cin- Dalton is a guy, as I have mention before, that I think has a very bright NFL future. I just do not think he is a great fantasy option. I think he will grow into a pretty good fantasy quarterback, I just do not ever expect Tom Brady like production out of him. Anyways, he faces the Texans this week, who are one of the best defenses in the league. I think Dalton has a decent game, but nothing too great. In the playoffs, you want more. Stay Away. Dishonorable Mention- Ben Roethlisberger and Matt Moore.

Running Backs

Beanie Wells Ari- Wells has been very good this year. He faces San Francisco this week. The 49ers are the best defense in the league against the run. While San Francisco may be without their stud middle linebacker Patrick Willis, I still stay away from Wells if at all possible.

Jonathan Stewart/DeAngelo Williams Car- The Panthers split their carries as much as anybody else in the league, so I decided to group these guys together here. I am not a big fan of either back in this game against the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons have been very solid against the run this season, not to mention Cam Newton stealing all of the goal line scores. Stay away from Carolina running backs if you can. Dishonorable Mention- Peyton Hillis, Micheal Bush, and Cedric Benson.

Wide Receivers

Mike Wallace Pit- I realize that if you have Wallace you are probably starting him, I just do not like the matchup for him. As I mentioned when I talked about Mendenhall, I think we see a heavy dose of the run tonight. Also, Wallace will probably be matched up with Joe Haden. If I have other options, I try staying away from Wallace.

Dwayne Bowe KC- Hard to like anybody on the Kansas City offense these days. Bowe will be on Revis Island this week and has Tyler Palko throwing him the ball. That does not equal up to much fantasy production out of him. Stay Away. Dishonorable Mention- Deion Branch, Pierre Garcon, and Marques Colston.

Tight End

Jermaine Gresham Cin- If you are thinking about starting Gresham this week, there are probably better choices out there. This one has everything to do with the matchup. The Texans have allowed the 3rd fewest fantasy points to opposing Tight Ends. Stay Away, look elsewhere. Dishonorable Mention- Owen Daniels and Greg Olsen.

There you have it, a handful of guys that you should Go For It and some that you should Stay Away. This is the biggest time of the year for fantasy football. If you are still alive, you have a chance. Any team can win on any given week. Just manage your team to the best of your abilities. If this piece did not answer the questions that you had, do not hesitate to send me a tweet @FfootballQA. Good luck, and go get that championship!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Go For It or Stay Away Week 13

We are down to the wire ladies and gentlemen. Some of you may be starting your playoffs this week, if you are not, you will be very soon. If you are reading this, chances are this week is very important to you. I hope this piece helps you make all the right decisions for the week. I would like to apologize for not getting this done before the Thursday night game. Because of this I have not mentioned any Seahawks or Eagles in this game.

Go For It


Tim Tebow Den- All he does is win games! Even in the world of fantasy football. Tebow has been great to fantasy owners who picked him up when he took over for Kyle Orton in Week 5. He plays the Vikings who have given up the most points to fantasy quarterbacks this season. He is not a normal quarterback so the matchup may not be as great as it seems on paper, but he has been fantastic. I am going for it with Tebow this week and you should too. Honorable Mention- Matthew Stafford, Eli Manning, and Matt Moore.

Running Back

LeGarrette Blount TB- Blount has been playing very well the past two weeks with back-to-back 100 yard games. He seems to be the guy that we got used to seeing last year. This week he faces the Carolina Panthers who are the worst defense against the run in the NFL. Obvious start this week. Go For It!

Chris Johnson Ten- Johnson has looked better recently, and against the Buffalo Bills I expect Tennessee to continue to give him plenty of carries. The Bills have struggled against the run this season , and with the way that Johnson has been going I do not see them as the team that slows him down. Honorable Mention- Benjarvis Green-Ellis, Marion Barber, and Reggie Bush.

Wide Receiver

Victor Cruz NYG- This guy has come out of nowhere this year and has arguably become Eli Manning's favorite target. He gets behind the defense for a long touchdown catch or two nearly every game. Victor Cruz is a must start every week, and an especially great play this week against Green Bay. A game where the Giants could easily be playing from behind.

Jordy Nelson GB- Rough game for Nelson last week, but you have to expect that from time to time with him because Aaron Rodgers like to spread the ball around a lot. That being said, Nelson has been great this season and still led the team in targets last week. He is a guy that I am probably starting every week. He is definitely a start this week against the Giants who have struggled defending the pass this season. Go For It! Honorable Mention- Reggie Wayne, Eric Decker, and Laurent Robinson.

Tight End

Fred Davis Was- Davis has come along very nicely for the Redskins this year. He as taken control of the Tight End position with Chris Cooley out for the season. I like him this week against the Jets, who have been below average against opposing Tight Ends this season. Honorable Mention- Jake Ballard and Kellen Davis.

Stay Away


Matt Ryan Atl- Matty Ice has been playing very well recently. While I do not see a horrible game out of Ryan this week, I feel as if there are much better options out there. He faces a Houston Texan defense that has been near the top of the league in every category this season. I Stay Away from Matt Ryan if at all possible this week. Dishonorable Mention- Joe Flacco, Rex Grossman, and Phillip Rivers.

Running Back

Steven Jackson Stl- 4, 2, 6, 10, 6, 10, 5, 14, 6, 1, and 7. What do these numbers mean you ask? These are the points scored, according to standard scoring, by starting running backs, against the 49ers defense this season. Only three double digit scoring games, one was Lesean McCoy and the 14 points was the game where Roy Helu caught like 18 thousand flat passes. Basically when your running back faces the 49ers you look elsewhere. I am staying away from Steven Jackson this week.

Beanie Wells Ari- Wells was outstanding last Sunday rushing for 228 yards and a score. That was aganist the Rams. This week he faces the Cowboys, they only allow an average of 12.8 fantasy points to opposing running backs. If you do not have any other options you should still start him, but in leagues that I own Wells, I am looking else where. Stay Away. Dishonorable Mention- Peyton Hillis, Micheal Turner, and Ryan Matthews.

Wide Receiver

Vincent Jackson SD- Jackson has been as unpredictable as anybody this season. He has struggled to find any sort of consistency. That being said he has managed to put up a couple of monster games, and he is always capable of that. Still, in an important week I am staying away from Jackson against a tough Jaguars defense and looking for a more consistent option.

Dwayne Bowe KC- Tyler Palko is bad, real bad. Bowe will still get plenty of balls thrown his way so he will probably not be completely useless, but until the Chiefs decide to go with Kyle Orton I am staying away from Bowe unless Palko shows extreme improvement. Dishonorable Mention- Plaxico Burress, AJ Green, and Percy Harvin.

Tight End

Vernon Davis SF- Davis has been average this season. He has not put up the numbers that owners expected when they drafted him at the beginning of the season. While I do not think that he is a terrible player or anything, I do not like the matchup this week against the Rams. St. Louis allows the fewest fantasy points per game to opposing Tight Ends, and I think the 49ers could put this one away early meaning fewer opportunities for Davis late in the game. If I was a Davis owner, I would be looking elsewhere. Dishonorable Mention- Mercedes Lewis and Tony Gonzalez.

Once again I apologize for not getting the Philadelphia vs Seattle game in this piece, but I hope that this helps. You need to make sure you have the best players available in your lineup this late in the season. Most of us cannot afford a loss right now. If you need any more help do not hesitate to send me a Tweet @FfootballQA. Good luck to you all!

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Tebow Effect

Not to long ago I introduced to you a theory on judging NFL quarterbacks knows as the "Jerk Test". Well today I plan on laying out a possible exception to that test known as the "Tebow Effect".

To sum it up quickly the Jerk Test is a method of gauging how much of a jerk an NFL quarterback is. Unlike most situations in life, the Jerk Test proposes that being a jerk is a positive attribute for a quarterback to have. This allows him to be the alpha dog in the locker room and take control of the huddle. But what if a quarterback is so far the opposite way that his teammates are drawn to him? What if the player is such a great person that he is automatically considered the leader of the team? This is the Tebow Effect.

The Denver Broncos began the year an underwhelming 1-4. That's when the inevitable was forced into action. The fans wanted it, the media wanted it, and although the coaches may not have wanted it, Tim Tebow was thrust into the starting quarterback role. Amazingly after that the defense began to play at a much better, and the team began winning games. 5 out of their next 6 to be exact! But it's not JUST the winning that makes this story an interesting one, but the way they are winning. After Tebow got the starting job the organization traded away his best weapon, Brandon Lloyd, away to the Rams. Tim Tebow by all means is not a great passer of the football. He often misses wide open players on what seem like easy balls. He has forced the Broncos' coaching staff to create a college type option offense that to be polite, is not very attractive to watch. Yet despite all of these things Tim Tebow finds away to take his team down the field at the end of the game and win it. Their defense is playing at a level nobody saw coming. They get exceptional effort from their Special Teams. The opponent often appears to melt down down the stretch opening the door for a Tebow lead victory. Is this all just a string of good luck? Is it chance? Or is Tim Tebow actually in some way responsible for giving the seemingly dismal Broncos a shot at the playoffs?

Tim Tebow is not like any professional athlete of my lifetime. He seems to live his life in a pure and virtuous way that most people cannot rap their minds around. He devotes his life to Jesus and is always quick to thank Him for everything he has done and accomplished. Tim Tebow lives his life as a God fearing man and is completely comfortable telling the world about it. He seems to be the opposite of a jerk. Maybe he is such a great person that the entire team is completely behind him. Maybe they believe? Maybe the have become subject to the Tebow Effect...

So from now on this is how we will define the Tebow Effect:

#TebowEffect - When things inexplicably begin turning right for a team due to the presence of a single player who has captivated his/her team through their good virtue. It is a corollary to the QB Jerk Test.

Class Dismissed,
Student of Sports

PS: Gotta give rookie Von Miller some love. He has turned into an absolute BEAST on this Denver defense. Clearcut defensive rookie of the year.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Go For IT or Stay Away Week 12

We are coming down to the wire, the bye weeks are over, and in most leagues the playoffs start either next week or the week after. If you are still in the race, these are very important weeks in the Fantasy Football season. Below I mention guys that I think you should Go For It or Stay Away on this Thanksgiving weekend. Here we go.

Go For It


Cam Newton Car- Newton has struggled recently, but has still put up pretty decent fantasy numbers because of his ability to run as well as pass. This week he plays the Colts, who have given up the 4th most fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks. I see a big bounce back game for Cam Newton this week, Go For It! Honorable Mention- Matthew Stafford, Matt Ryan, and Tim Tebow.


Rashard Mendenhall Pit- I could see the Steelers putting this game against the Chiefs away very early, which could lead to a lot of touches for Mendenhall against one of the worst rush defenses in all of football. If you have Mendenhall, this is a great week to start him.

Cedric Benson Cin- The Bengals play the Cleveland Browns this week. The Browns are a team that have struggled against the run. Benson has been playing well recently and I expect that to continue. Honorable Mention- Jonathan Stewart/Deangelo Williams, Ryan Grant, Beanie Wells, and Joe McKnight.

Wide Receivers

Roddy White Atl- White has been one of the biggest disappointments in fantasy football this season. He has been a decent target for Matt Ryan, but has simply not put up the numbers that we are used to. That being said, he has a great match up this week and I look for him to get plenty of looks. Go For It with Roddy White this week.

Larry Fitzgerald Ari- Maybe it is a little obvious, but just making sure. Very good match up for Fitz this week against the Rams, and he has been on fire as of late. The quarterback situation is shaky at best, but it does not seem to matter, Fitzgerald still gets his. Honorable Mention- Desean Jackson, Percy Harvin, Nate Burleson, and Antonio Brown.

Tight Ends

Brandon Pettigrew Det- The Lions play the Packers in a big Thanksgiving Day game. Green Bay has struggled to cover the Tight End all season, and I see this one turning into a shootout. Love me some Brandon Pettigrew this week, Go For It! Honorable Mention- Heath Miller and Kellen Winslow Jr.

Stay Away


Andy Dalton Cin- Dalton has been very good this season as a rookie, but seems to me to be a guy that is never going to blow you away with his fantasy numbers. He has a pretty tough game against a Cleveland defense who has been pretty solid against quarterbacks this season. Probably a decent game for Dalton, but there are better options out there. Stay Away from Andy Dalton if possible this week. Dishonorable Mention- Ryan Fitzpatrick, Joe Flacco, and Rex Grossman.


Demarco Murray Dal- The Cowboys play the Dolphins on Thanksgiving Day this year, in what could turn into a very good game. The Dolphins have played very well recently, some of that they can thank their offense, but another big part is their rush defense. They have given up the 2nd fewest fantasy points to opposing running backs. If you must start Murray you can, but do not be fooled, he is not a great option this week.

Toby Gerhart Min- With Adrian Peterson probably out, you would think Gerhart would be a solid option. Think again. The Vikings play the Atlanta Falcons this week, whose defense has dominated the rushing attack of opposing teams all season. Look for very little production out of Gerhart. Stay Away. Dishonorable Mention- Maurice Jones-Drew, Reggie Bush, and Chris Ogbonnaya.

Wide Receivers

Stevie Johnson Buf- The guy just has not had it this year. In his last seven games he has not put up a double digit fantasy scoring game, according to standard scoring. He has struggled a lot, and this week should not be any better against the Jets who have been the 3rd best team against fantasy Wide Receivers. Stay Away from Stevie Johnson this week.

Mike Williams TB- He has been a fantasy disappointment for the most part this season, but has started to come on strong as of late. I do not mind him the rest of the year, but I do not think this is the week for him. The Bucs take on the Titans, who are very good against the pass. If possible, I would try and Stay Away from Williams this week. Dishonorable Mention- Andre Johnson, Dwyane Bowe, and Sidney Rice.

Tight Ends

Antonio Gates SD- Not too big on the Chargers this week against the Broncos, and this includes Antonio Gates. I am not saying you should automatically bench Gates, but there are better options out there. In one league I have Gates and Pettigrew, I am starting Pettigrew for this week. Dishonorable Mention- Vernon Davis and Mercedes Lewis.

So, it is now crunch time. We are down to the wire. If you are fighting for a playoff spot, this is probably a must win for you. This piece is to help you in the best way that I can. These are a handful of players who I recommend you Go For It or Stay Away, and as always if you have any questions about your rosters do not hesitate to tweet me @FfootballQA. Good luck, and have a great Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Go For It or Stay Away Week 11

Week 11. Playoff races are starting to come down to the wire. Chances are that after this week, you have two or three games left in the regular season. This is crunch time, you want to be sure that you are making the correct decisions. That is why I am here, give this a read and hopefully it helps you dominate you league in Week 11.

Go For It!

Matthew Stafford Det- I realize that Stafford was absolutely terrible this past week against the Bears. He threw four interceptions and two that were returned for TD's, I would understand if you want to bench him. But to quote the great Lee Corso, not so fast my friend. Stafford has been very good this year, and has all the weapons he could want at his disposal. With Best probably still out he will be throwing a ton. Stick with him this week in a game that could turn into a Matthew Stafford vs. Cam Newton shootout. I see a nice bounce back game for Stafford this week, go for it!

Brandon Jacobs NYG- This is of course assuming Ahmad Bradshaw is out again this week. I like Jacobs in a game against the Eagles who have struggled against the run all season. The Giants offense is on a roll recently and that does not spell good things for the Eagles, I could easily see Jacobs getting a few goal line carries this week, and he usually converts on those.

Marshawn Lynch Sea- Lynch has been a beast the past two weeks, and this week should not be any different against the Rams who have given up a ton of points to fantasy running backs this season. Lynch on fire recently and if I own him I am definitely starting him.

Dwayne Bowe KC- Matt Cassel is out and replacing him is Tyler Palko. Ouch. I think overall this could hurt his value, but at the same time if I was Palko, trying to succeed as a QB in the NFL, the guy I would be looking for is Dwayne Bowe. I could see Palko trying to force the ball to him all night against the Patriots who have given up the most fantasy points to opposing wide receivers. Go for it with Bowe, at least for this week.

Stevie Johnson Buf- This guy has struggled at times this year, but he is still clearly a very talented receiver. The Dolphins have been much easier to pass on this season than run. While I realize that Fred Jackson will still probably be the main man the Bills offense, I think the passing game gets it going this week. Like Stevie Johnson as a start this week.

Benjamin Watson Cle- This one is for you Jimmy Graham and Owen Daniels owners who need a replacement for your Tight End on a bye. Watson has been hit or miss this year, but does get red zone looks from Colt McCoy. The Browns play the Jaguars this week who have given up the second most fantasy points to opposing Tight Ends.

Stay Away

Tim Tebow Den- First of all I want to say, I do like Tebow as a fantasy QB as long as he has a job as a starter in the league. He always seems to get his on the ground and usually does enough through the air to put up good fantasy stats. That being said, I do not like him this week against the Jets. I still think he will have a decent day on the ground, but not enough to make up for the fact that I would not be surprised to see him complete zero passes against Revis and Co. Stay away from Tim Tebow this week if possible.

Beanie Wells Ari- Wells seemed to hit a wall last week against the Eagles. Philadelphia is easier to run on than this weeks opponent, the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers have been the best team in the league against the run this week and I do not really see much changing this week.

Fred Jackson Buf- Jackson has played very well this year, and there is a chance that you do not really have another option to put in your lineups over him. I am not a huge fan of Jackson this week. He will get his touches but the Dolphins have surprisingly been great against the run this year, and have been exposed through the air. The way to attack them is by passing the ball. I think Fred Jackson is a very average day this week. Stay away from him if at all possible.

Roddy White Atl- White has destroyed fantasy teams all season long. At the beginning of the year he was considered the 1B to Andre Johnson's 1A. He was right there. He rarely seems to do anything anymore. This week the Falcons take on the Titans, who have been very good against the pass. I just do not see White breaking out of his funk this week. Stay away.

Vincent Jackson SD- He has been completely hit or miss this season. Jackson has had a couple of big games surrounded by a lot of low scoring games. I think he puts up another low scoring game against the Bears who are a very good defense that defends the pass well. If I was a Jackson owner I would be looking for other options this week.

Ed Dickson Bal- Dickson had his best game of the year last week, catching two TD passes. I am putting him here so you guys do not get too excited about a game that I think was a bit of a fluke. He has been pretty good this year, but you can not expect that kind of production out of him this week against the Bengals who have defended the TE very well this year. Stay away from Ed Dickson, there are better options out there.

Well guys, there you have it. The Go For It or Stay Away for week 11. Hopefully this piece helps you make some decisions this week. We are hitting the stretch run to the playoffs. These games are very important. Make sure you think about your lineup decisions and put the best guys in there. If you need any help do not hesitate to send me a tweet @FfootballQA. Good luck!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It Seems So Simple, Until You're Locked Out

The other day Ray and I were playing a little hoop at our local park. It's something we do whenever we have a chance because playing basketball is a simple way for us to get some exercise in while having a good time. We're not exactly "good" at basketball... I mean, good is relative though.. right? It doesn't matter because most importantly we have fun! (Yeah, we suck.) ANYWAY. We have fun. Simple fun. Simple...

What a lovely hobby.
Simple is a funny word isn't it? It's meaning is rather... well... simple. defines simple as easy to understand; to deal with. But what is simple to some isn't always simple to others. Take playing the guitar for example. My brother makes it look so smooth, effortless, SIMPLE! But put a guitar in front of me and I can't even play a chord. Golf is a great example. What some people use as a simple relaxing hobby, others struggle with and get extremely frustrated with. Simple is a funny word.

Up until recently playing basketball seemed simple too. Something Ray and I played, something we watched, something we rooted for. Something that now because of the stubbornness of millionaires and billionaires we probably won't get to enjoy this year. Now if you've read my blog entries before, most notably Coach Gets Fired; Fans Miss the Point, you know that on big issues like the NBA lockout, I don't like coming down too firmly on one side. I'm not an expert and don't enjoy pretending to be so I don't feel comfortable siding with one party without knowing all the facts. I do however feel like I have an expertise in being a fan. And I know exactly what is happened to us here.

If only it were this easy..
The players claim they have been "locked out" and maybe technically that's true. They're not locked out though, if they wanted to play this season they could have begun serious negotiations in the summer instead of saving their cracker jack negotiation tactics for now. (Sarcasm people) And the owners who try to act like they are the only people thinking about the fans. WAY OFF. Real smart giving the players an ultimatum last week, because EVERYBODY knows the best way to end negotiations is with scare tactics. Please. So do you know who are really the ones being locked out? The people who really are the victims? The people who REALLY seem to care? You guessed it, that's us. Because of the moronic negotiations between two pigheaded sides seemingly hellbent on ruining all the momentum the NBA gained last season, we are going to miss a season of basketball. I've got news for people. When David Stern or Billy Hunter try and tell you they care about the fans and are trying to do what's in the best interest  for us, they're lying. Neither side cares about us. They care about money and that's all they've ever cared about. So when they try to feed that bull to you on press conferences you are totally within your rights to throw whatever blunt object you have around you at he TV in frustration. This entire negotiating process has been a joke and now we're all screwed.

When did playing basketball stop being so simple?

Class Dismissed,
Student of Sports

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Coach Gets Fired; Fans Miss the Point

Last night was probably one of the craziest nights in sports history of my life time.

Sometimes in sports it's appropriate to cheer and sometimes it's appropriate to laugh. Usually on this blog I deal with those two, cheering and most of all laughing. The latest events involving some former Penn State employees are not matters to laugh at, there is nothing to cheer, but we are left to somehow make sense of all of this. A hideous crime against humanity was committed and was allowed to continue for years. The perpetrator of these crimes is a monster, the scum of the Earth, accused of committing a crime that turns the stomach. A crime that everyone, even the worst of us, find issue with.

Sandusky being detained by Pennsylvania authorities
A few days ago when the news of allegations against Jerry Sandusky surfaced, allegations I don't want to get to deep into because of their just sickening nature, I had a feeling this would blow up. And last night, it blew up. Unfortunately for all parties involved I think the passion that was on display last night was misguided.

A little bit after 10:00pm EST the news broke out that legendary Penn State football coach, Joe Paterno, had been fired. The university decided to fire him in an effort to move forward, past this scandal appearing to have some control. When this termination was announced it was met  with a shocked reaction by the media. They seemed overtaken by this news. I'll be the first person to admit that Joe Paterno is a legend and up to this point has literally been Penn State, but the media's reaction at the press conference confused me. Were they really so shocked at the news of his firing? Did they really feel the dismissal of "Joe Pa" more significant than the disgusting crimes that were committed by Sandusky? It seemed to me as if they were missing the point. As legendary as a coach as Paterno is I think that in this story, his fate is an insignificant factor. I gave them the benefit of the doubt though and chalked it up to spur of the moment reactions that once rationally thought about would be put aside.

After the press conference the madness began.

It began rather peacefully with people, most likely Penn State students, protesting in Penn State and at Paterno's modest home. They were protesting what they felt was a wrongful termination and they had impressive numbers. Once again this took me by surprise. Did they feel somehow Paterno was a victim of all of this? Did they feel THEY were victims in this? No, no they couldn't. They couldn't be that ignorent. That's what I kept telling myself. This mass of angry protesters couldn't possibly think that the firing of Joe Paterno was more important than what had happened to the poor young boys who had horrible crimes committed against them. Or could they? Were they just completely missing the point? Nobody seemed to be thinking about the children. There were no signs, no chants, no mention of the real victims in all of this. Everyone seemed so preoccupied with their own selfish agenda that they were completely missing the point. Once again, I gave them the benefit of the doubt and hoped that more rational minds would prevail in the end.

Police attempting to control protesters
As the night went on I began to become convinced that even if there were any rational minds in attendance, there were so few that their voice was not heard. The protesters went on to flip over a news van, knock out lights, hurl rocks at the police. All reactions that both stunned and infuriated me! Why was nobody this angry when the allegations came out but now that a coach had been fired people at State College decided to rise up? Nobody stepped in to stop what Sandusky had been doing for years but everybody seemed to be more than willing to show their support for a football coach. A football coach! You know that I am as big of a sports fan as it gets but this scandal has nothing to do with sports. This transcends and goes so far beyond sports. This is a scandal against humanity and makes petty sports issues seem insignificant. They were this passionate over a man who was a football coach. A football coach who did what was legally right, but probably came up short morally in doing what was right. A football coach who must have been aware of Sandusky visiting a closed practice in 2007 with a young boy and did NOTHING about it. A football coach who allowed Sandusky to use University facilities for years after hearing about the accusations against him. Why were these protesters ignoring the real grux of this scandal and focusing their concern on the termination of a football coach? It sickened me. It sickened me to think that people could be so far off of the point. It sickened me that half of the people protesting were probably drunk and completely unaware of what was going on. It sickened me that people were forgetting the real victims of these crimes and as a result of that, disrespecting them.

Do I think Joe Paterno should have been allowed to finish the season? I don't know, probably not. Should he have been allowed to coach and get a final hurrah this weekend? Maybe. But considering the magnitude of the crimes against humanity here do I really give a damn about how who coaches the Penn State football team any time in the future? Not at all.

The real face of this scandal.
Notice that Paterno's name isn't mentioned in the title of this post and there are no pictures of him. I did this because it's wrong for us to make him the face of this issue. The real face of this story should be the monster also known as Jerry Sandusky. Unfortunately with that too, people seem to be missing the point.

One more thing. Pray for justice to be served in this case. Pray for the people who seem ignorant to the real problems at hand. And most of all pray for the victims and their families who have been affected by this horrible crime against humanity.

I'll finish with a quote from Irish philosopher Edmund Burke.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

Class Dismissed,
Student of Sports

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Go For It or Stay Away Week 10

The bye weeks are over!... just kidding. Strangely, there are no byes for week 10, but the 4 remaining teams who have not taken a week off will take one on week 11. Whatever works best NFL. Anyways, here is my Go For It or Stay Away for week 10.

Go For It

Mark Sanchez NYJ- In past years I have not been a big believer in Sanchez. The Jets have always asked so little out of Sanchez, usually running the ball more than most teams. The offense has been running as much as usual recently, but Sanchez has really been good in the play action game. I love the match-up against the Patriots, and with the way he has been playing, go for it!

Maurice Jones-Drew Jac- Jones-Drew is a must start for almost every team if you have him, but this week I am a very big fan of his. The Colts have struggled in pretty much every aspect of the game this year, and run defense has been no exception. I am looking for a big game from Jones-Drew this week.

Ben Tate Hou- Obviously, Arian Foster is the starter in Houston, but in a handful of games this year both Foster and Tate have exploded. The Bucs have struggled against the run, especially in games in which DT Gerald McCoy is out. McCoy is now out for the year. I think even with Foster being the main guy, there will be enough to go around and Tate will be a solid start this week as a RB2 or Flex play.

Percy Harvin Min- I have been waiting for this guy all season, and his past couple of games he has started to come through. In my opinion, he is by far the most talented WR on the team. The Vikings play Green Bay this week. The Packers have struggled against the pass, but with Aaron Rodgers running that offense the way he has, this game could get ugly early. That could mean a lot of chances for Harvin. Go for it!

Desean Jackson Phi- We have always known that Jackson is completely all or nothing. He breaks through for a big TD catch in some games, but he also has games where he does absolutely nothing. This year has been rough for Jackson, but against the Arizona Cardinals, who give up the 7th most points to fantasy Wide Receivers, I expect Jackson to have one of his signature big games.

Brandon Pettigrew Det- This one is pretty simple. Pettigrew is Matthew Stafford's second option after Calvin Johnson, and the Bears give up the most points per game to Tight Ends in the league. Pettigrew is a solid start for this week.

Stay Away

Andy Dalton Cin- Dalton has been very solid for the Bengals so far in his rookie year. This week though, he faces the Steelers. Recently, the Steelers defense has really started to come around, and I think this week will be a tough one for Dalton. I like Pittsburgh to really send Cincinnati back down to earth this week. Stay away from Andy Dalton if possible.

Ahmad Bradshaw/Brandon Jacobs NYG- As of right now it is not clear to who is going to be starting for the Giants at running back this week. Personally, I think that Bradshaw will play, but probably be very limited in his first game back from his foot injury. I do not like either of the Giants backs this week against a very tough 49ers run defense.

Marshawn Lynch Sea- Lynch really broke out last week against the Cowboys rushing for 135 yards and a score, but this week Lynch faces a very tough and hard nosed Baltimore defense who is only allowing an average of 11.1 points to fantasy running backs. If possible I would be staying away from Lynch this week.

Pierre Garcon Ind- The Colts have been nothing short of pathetic so far this year. Garcon seemed to have a good rapport with Curtis Painter and was being targeted 10-15 times a game. Late in the game last Sunday, Indianapolis coach Jim Caldwell decided to make the change to Dan Orlovsky so the value of Garcon has seemed to have taken a hit. Also, the Colts play the Jaguars this week, who have played very well against the pass. Stay away for Garcon.

Brandon Lloyd Stl- Not a big fan of Lloyd this week. He faces the Cleveland Browns and that probably means a one on one match-up against Joe Haden. Haden has played very well so far this season and should be able to hold Lloyd from doing much against the Browns. Stay away from Lloyd if at all possible.

Vernon Davis SF- Davis is the 49ers leading receiver this season, but San Francisco plays the New York Giants this week, who have done a real good job defending the Tight End all season long allowing only 5.9 points a game to starting Tight Ends. If possible stay away from Davis this week.

There you have it. My week 10 Go For It or Stay Away. Hopefully, this has helped you make some decisions on your fantasy line-ups for this week. As always, if you need some more help, do not hesitate to send me a tweet @FfootballQA. Good luck!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

SOS Pick'em Week 9

Another not so impressive week for us here at the SOS blog as all three of us went 1-3 with only 1 point. It may not be a bad idea to after looking at our picks go and gamble on the opposites. Luol, Deng.

So let's get right to it.

Student of Sports (15-17, 18pts)
New York Giants (+8.5) over NEW ENGLAND.. Bold prediction: The GMen sign David Tyree off the street just to torment the Pats. Deng.
Chicago (+6.5) over Philadelphia
SAN DIEGO (+5.5) over Green Bay
And my upset of the week is the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!  to beat the Bills in Buffalo. Put it on the board!

Ray "Box" (13-19, 15 pts)
New York Giants (+8.5) over NEW ENGLAND
Atlanta (-7.5) over INDIANAPOLIS
NEW ORLEANS (-7.5) over Tampa Bay
And for his upset Ray is going to stay on that Tebow bandwagon and take the Broncos over the Raiders. Apparently his ticket to the Tebow bandwagon is non refundable..

Fantasy Guru Dan (1-7, 1pts)
Cincinnati (+2.5) over TENNESSEE
PITTSBURGH (-3.5) over Baltimore
Cleveland (+10.5) over HOUSTON
Dan is going to use the Bengals  as his upset for the weekend.

Enjoy the games guys!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Eli Manning and the Jerk Test

The poster boy for the jerk test.
Some of you might remember on our very first SOS podcast, Ray and I were having a discussion on quarterbacks. He brought up a very good point when discussing why Tony Romo wasn't having the success many thought he should be. That point was that Tony Romo is just too nice of a guy. He said that if you look at successful NFL QBs a lot of them appear to be jerks, Ben Roethlisberger is the crown jewel of this theorem. I found this fascinating and decided that maybe the "jerk test", as I decided to call it, was a good way of measuring quarterbacks. And to be completely honest when applying the jerk test to many NFL quarterbacks, many of the successful ones pass.

Look at Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, have you ever noticed that whenever he scores he obnoxiously puts an imaginary championship belt on his waist? Doesn't it piss you off but because he's so good you can't say anything about it? Well Packers fans may think this is me ripping on their franchise QB but it's not. It's me saying Rodgers passes my "jerk test" and therefore, will be able to succeed as an NFL QB.

The king of the "F-U".

Not good enough for you? What about Peyton Manning. Doesn't he just ooze of that control freak like jerkyness? That's him passing the jerk test. Tom Brady? Any time you're coach is evil genius Bill Belichick and you participate in running up the score on teams, you probably pass the jerk test. Mike Vick? I think we all know why he passes the jerk test. Phillip Rivers, Cam Newton, Jay Cutler! All guys who on paper pass the jerk test and have had some level of success in the NFL.

So maybe there really is something to this jerk test. Maybe NFL QBs need to be able to have that "F-U" attitude from time to time so they can take total control of their team and let everyone know they're the alpha dog in the room. Maybe they need to show other players on their team and players on the other team not to mess with them. Maybe NFL quarterbacks need to be jerks.

Proving this man is a jerk is no easy task.
After trial and error it just seemed like every great quarterback some way, shape or form had just the right amount of jerk in them. This made me feel great about Ray and my new theory on quarterbacks but made me feel not so great about something else.. My favorite team, the New York Giants, have a quarterback more likely to say "awhh shucks" than "oh s**t!". Eli Manning just seems like a happy go lucky fella who wouldn't hurt a fly! HOW ARE MY GIANTS SUPPOSED TO WIN WHEN THEIR QUARTERBACK IS SO GOSH DARN NICE! On paper it didn't seem like Eli Manning passed the jerk test.. This was very discouraging. But wait a second? He DID lead my Giants to a Super Bowl title not so long ago so maybe there is hope. Than I remembered his draft day in 2004. A day where he was picked by the San Diego Chargers but said he would refuse to play with them and forced his way to my Giants. This gave me hope until I began to fear that maybe his father, Archie Manning, had more to do with this apparent D-bag move than Eli. Archie was always a good NFL quarterback, it's not out of the realm for him to pass the jerk test. All hope seemed to be lost. I was stuck to rooting for a team who's quarterback, by all accounts, seemed to be a great guy. I know, it does't get any worse than that! Then something magical happened. Something I was sure was sent from the heavens themselves down onto me as both a Giants fan and co-inventor of the jerk test! A story about Plaxico Burress being disappointed with Eli Manning for not visiting or communicating with him when he was in prison. These men were partners for years on the Giants and Eli couldn't do so much as to write Plax a letter when he was in jail! What a jerk!! What a beautiful jerk! Yes! Eli manning is a jerk and the proof is all in this yahoo story: Plaxico Burress vents on Eli Manning Tom Coughlin. Now Eli Manning is in the middle of his greatest season to date! Coincidence? I think not, my friend! What an awesome, magnificent, wonderful bastard!

Unfortunately for some fans, their teams aren't as lucky when it comes to having a jerk quarterback as the Giants are. Jerks like Eli Manning don't grow on trees you know! (I am totally loving this.) Teams like the the Falcons, Cowboys and Redskins all have quarterbacks who come up with failing grades on the jerk test, and therefore may be in trouble. Tony Romo, Matt Ryan, John Beck... Grow a pair a piss some people off! Turn over some tables in the locker room! Park in a handicap parking spot ! Do something, ANYTHING to pass the jerk test. I once heard a story about Tony Romo helping people on the side of the road with a broken down car. This should make Cowboy fans sick! This man is not a jerk.

As of now I can't name a current quarterback who is successful and doesn't have a little bit of jerk inside of them. Maybe one day there will be an exception to the rule. Doesn't every rule have an exception? I guess we'll have to wait and see.
Can he be the exception to the rule?
But as for now I'm content, because Eli is just enough of a jerk for me.

Class Dismissed,
Student of Sports

PS: Expect the picks up either later today or sometimes tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Go For It or Stay Away Week 9

Detroit, Carolina, Minnesota, and Jacksonville are on a bye this week. Between those four teams, there is a lot of fantasy firepower. I am here to help guide you through another tough week in fantasy football. I hope this is a lot of help. Now, lets get started.

Go For It


Eli Manning NYG- The healthy Manning brother takes on the Patriots this week. New England was just torched by Ben Roethlisberger last week. Eli has been playing well lately, and I expect him to have a great game in a shootout against the Pats.

Running Backs

Cedric Benson Cin- Benson is back after a one game suspension. The Bengals take on the Tennessee Titans, whose defense has been vulnerable against the run. I look for them to try and take the pressure off of Andy Dalton and pound the rock with Benson. Go for it!

LeGarrette Blount TB- It appears that Blount will play this week. Assuming he does I expect big things out of him. The Saints have struggled against the run this week and in a big divisional game I expect the Bucs to try and run the ball to keep Drew Brees and the boys off of the field. Love me some LeGarrette Blount this week.

Wide Receivers

Jon Baldwin KC- Baldwin showed why the Chiefs took him in the first round of last years draft on Monday night. He made an incredible play on a 39 yard TD reception. While he is a risky play, I like the potential for Baldwin this week against the Miami Dolphins who rank near the bottom in pass defense in the NFL.

Roddy White Atl- Roddy White has been one of the biggest disappointments in Fantasy Football this year. Coming into the season he was either the #1 or #2 ranked WR by most people and has not performed up to those expectations. That being said, I love the match up for him this week and he has shown signs of turning it around recently. I say go for it when it comes to Roddy White this week.

Tight End

Jake Ballard NYG- Ballard has really started to become a solid target for Eli Manning. This week they play the Patriots, who cannot seem to be able to cover the middle of the field. I think this means a big day for Jake Ballard. Go for it!

Stay Away


Ryan Fitzpatrick Buf- I think that Fitzpatrick will have a decent game on Sunday, but I do not expect a big fantasy day out of him. The Jets are vulnerable against the run and that is where I expect the Bills to attack them. I think they will run Fred Jackson all day and that limits Fitzpatrick's value. Stay away.

Running Backs

Ryan Torain Was- Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I have been fooled over and over this season by Washington Running Backs. They have not been playing well, and on top of that there is no way to guess who is going to get the most touches. Personally, I am staying away from Torain.

Chris Johnson Ten- Talk about a bust. Chris Johnson has been the biggest disappointment in the NFL this season. While I still think that there is a chance that he bounces back, I am not betting on it. He will be taking on a tough Bengals defense, and Javon Ringer really took over late in the game last week. No thank you Chris Johnson.

Wide Receivers

Anquan Boldin Bal- Boldin looked fantastic last week against the Cardinals. The difference between the Cardinals defense and the Steelers defense is huge. The Steelers looked good against Tom Brady and company last week and I expect to see more of the same against the Ravens. Stay away from Anquan Boldin.

Stevie Johnson Buf- Buffalo faces the New York Jets this week. That means a one on one encounter with Mr. Darrell Revis for Johnson. That usually means trouble for all WR in the NFL, and as I mentioned when I talked about Fitzpatrick I think they will try and run Fred Jackson wild all day. If you can help it, stay away from Stevie Johnson this week.

Tight End

Heath Miller Pit- Miller had a great game last Sunday, attacking the middle of the field over and over again against the New England Patriots. This week the Steelers play the Baltimore Ravens, who have a much better defense that will be defending that middle of the field. He had a great game last week, but do not go crazy on Miller, stay away from him this week.

There you have it, a handful of players that I say Go For It, and some that I think you need to Stay Away. We have some tough decisions as fantasy owners on who to replace guys like Adrian Peterson, Calvin Johnson, and Cam Newton. This piece is to help you make those decisions, and if you have guys on your rosters that I did not mention and would like help on those, do not hesitate to send me a tweet @FfootballQA.

Friday, October 28, 2011

SOS Pick'em Week 8

After last night's World Series game 6, and tonight's game 7, NFL picks seem kinda irrelevant, don't they? Well luckily I thrive in the irrelevant! Week 7 was a solid week for me as I went 3-1 with 3 points. Ray stayed afloat going 2-2 with 2 points and Fantasy Guru Dan got off to a "Ray caliber" start going 0-4. (Let's hope he managed a little better in his fantasy leagues..)

Can any of these fools catch me? Probably... But for entertainment sake I'll channel my inner Hulk Hogan and say...BRING IT ON BROTHER!
Ahhhhh body grease.
Let's get to the picks.

Student of Sports, @StudentofSports (14-14, 17pts)
Jacksonville (+9.5) over HOUSTON
KANSAS CITY (+3.5) over San Diego
Dallas (+3.5) over PHILADELPHIA (Bye bye, "Dream Team")
And for my upset... Oh yeah I'm doing it.. I take TIM TEBOW AND THE DENVER BRONCOS TO TAKE DOWN THE DETROIT LIONS. Anyone wanna hop on the bandwagon with me?

Ray "Box", @THE_raycalara (12-16, 14pts)
New Orleans (-10.5) over ST. LOUIS
GIANTS (-9.5) over Miami
BUFFALO (-5.5) over Washington (This game is in Toronto, by the way. Ay)
And is there enough room? I think there is... Ray is going to join me on the bandwagon by taking Timmy Tebow and the Denver Broncos to beat the Detroit Lions.

Fantasy Guru Dan, @FFootballQA (0-4, 0pts)
New Orleans (-10.5) over ST. LOUIS
Detroit (-5.5) over DENVER (Dan is noticeably absent from the bandwagon.... BOOOOOO)
Dallas (-3.5) over PHILADELPHIA
And for his upset Dan is going to be taking the Redskins to go into Toronto and beat the Bills.

That's it guys. Thanks for reading and remember you can submit your own picks in the comment section. Enjoy the games!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

CAM We Do It? Yes We CAM! defines the word argument as a discussion involving different points of view; a debate. I find that in any subject in life which we are prone to forming firm opinions, arguments are important ways to improve our knowledge and solidify our opinions. This is especially true when it comes to sports. Arguments is sports help us to become well rounded sports fans, capable of looking at things from a variety of angles. It allows us to become "students" of sports, if you will. <---see what I did there? (ZING!) 

Yesterday my buddy, Ray @THE_raycalara, and I were having a spirited argument about rookie QB Cam Newton. His take on Cam was that the hype surrounding his reminded him a lot of  Vince Young's hype during his 2006 rookie campaign. He noted the decline of Vince Young in the NFL and wondered if Cam would suffer the same fate. Safe to say I disagreed.
...Oh and I should probably bring up that there is a little spite factor here because I drafted Vince Young to be my fantasy QB after his rookie season. Safe to say it was a disappointment. I do have Cam on 2 of my 4 fantasy teams so I am very much enjoying that.

I'm not going to sit here and tell you that they are completely different, because they do have similarities. To name a few similarities, they both are large bodied, mobile, big armed quarterbacks who led their college teams to national titles. They each were the 1st quarterbacks taken in their respective drafts and top 5 overall. (Cam went 1st and Young went 3rd) And big Ray is right somewhat correct in saying that during both players rookie season's they were heavily hyped.

To quote one of the more flamboyant and eccentric ESPN college football analysts.. "NOT SO FAST!"
(Side note: If you can ever quote Lee Corso in a debate, it's almost a guaranteed win.)
(Side note to my side note: Isn't it ironic that my "side" note is below my point and not on the side?)
(Side note to my side note to my side note: I guess at this rate this could go on forever..)

My major issue with Ray's argument was that concerning the hype.

Do you remember why Vince Young was so hyped? Granted his mobility made him exciting, something he shares with Cam. (But if that accounted for anything why haven't guys  like Pat White or Dennis Dixon been so hyped?) Mobility, however, was not the real reason VY got all that hype. With Vince Young it was all about the W's. With Vince Young under center the Titans seemed to find ways to win. People automatically tagged Young a 'winner' and overlooked some of his more not so impressive statistics. I'll be the first guy to admit that when I look for a player, ability to win is very important but it can sometimes be overhyped. I still think Vince Young can be a winning NFL quarterback but statistically nothing greater than average. Vince Young's ability to win was never going to and never will make him an elite NFL passer. Holding such a belief to be true is nothing more than hogwash. HOGWASH I TELL YOU, HOGWASH!!!

So why is Cam so hyped? Last time I checked he's not exactly winning at an overwhelming pace. (Carolina's current record is 2-5, firmly out of playoff contention.) Cam is being hyped because of what he is doing with his arm. The throws he has made in a combination with his size and overwhelming athleticism make him potentially an all time great. Vince Young, although he has a fairly strong arm, was NEVER hyped for the throws and plays he was able to make. He was NEVER compared to John Elway. He was NEVER and will NEVER be able to make the throws Cam can make. Let me throw some stats at you.. (STATATTACK!) In his rookie season Vince Young threw at a completion percentage of 51% and 2,199 yards, 6.1 per attempt, along with 552 rushing yards and 7 tds. Combine that with leading his team to 8 wins and it's a nice season for a rookie. Now let's look at Cam Newtons stats. Thru 7 games, ONLY 7 GAMES, Cam has a completion percentage of 60% with a whopping 2,103 yards, 8.3 per attempt, along with 266 rushing yards and 7tds.


So let's review. Thru half of the games that Vince Young played in his rookie season, Cam Newton has almost as much passing yardage and just as much rushing touchdowns. Along with that he has a completion percentage that is almost 10% points higher! So not only is Cam throwing the ball down the field more for more yardage, proven by his higher clip per attempt and yardage, but he's completing a higher percentage of them! So his big arm, athleticism, size, AND accuracy are what is creating his hype. All four of those things are what make a great, elite if you will, NFL passer. And all four of those things Vince Young never had at the level Cam is currently at. Vince Young had wins, which is great, but Cam has ability, which is elite. 

Like I said before, I think Vince Young can STILL be a winning NFL QB, I really do! The difference is that I think Cam Newton can be an elite, all time NFL QB. Cam can go further than wins and losses and rewrite the record books, rewrite NFL history. What makes this argument great is that I know there is a real possibility that Cam never lives up to his potential and is just an ordinary QB, but that is why we watch. We watch to see if the players who we know can have it all have the same desire that we have for them. I hope Cam Newton becomes as great as he can be because, as a sports fan, it would be a pleasure to watch.

Oh and also, AJ Green would get my vote for rookie of the year.. That's how good I think he has been.

Class Dismissed,
Student of Sports

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Go For It or Stay Away Week 8

Aaron Rodgers, Matt Forte, Micheal Turner, Greg Jennings, and Darren McFadden. What do all of these guys have in common? Well, first of all they are elite fantasy performers at their respective positions, and second they are all on a bye for Week 8. That is a lot of fire power that we do not have to put into our fantasy line-ups. This could make for some tough decisions. I am going to give you a handful of players to Go For It and some that you should Stay Away, to make your line-up decisions easier.

Go For It!


Matthew Stafford Det- Stafford has been a little shaky the past couple of weeks and he did suffer an ankle injury late in the game against Atlanta. That being said, the test results on the ankle came back fine and he is day-to-day. Assuming he plays, I really like his match-up this week against Denver. I look for Stafford to have a big day, just be sure to check and see if that ankle gives him more problems than expected.

Running Backs

Chris Johnson Ten- Before last week, it seemed to me that Johnson was ready to break out and start performing as the fantasy star that he is. Last week, he definitely took a step back. The Titans play Indianapolis this week, who has been one of the worst teams against the run all season. Do not give up just yet Johnson owners, I think he will bounce back nicely this week. When it comes to the Tennessee RB this week, go for it!

Knowshon Moreno Den- Moreno was the starter going into this season, but lost his job to Willis McGahee. With McGahee out this week, I think Moreno will be determined to win his job back for good. On top of that, Detroit has struggled against the run all season, and I think they will use Knowshon to take some pressure off of Tebow. Go for it!

Wide Receivers

Mike Wallace Pit- Maybe a little obvious, but Wallace has been a favorite of mine since draft day. He seems to be good for a long TD catch every week, and against the New England secondary that has given up the most passing yards per game in the NFL this season, I do not see this week being an exception. Love me some Mike Wallace this week.

Anquan Boldin Bal- The Ravens were absolutely embarrassed Monday night against the Jaguars, but Boldin did manage to catch a TD pass. I expect the Ravens to come back in a big way this week against the Arizona Cardinals. Arizona has been one of the worst teams against the pass, and I do not expect that to change this week. When it comes to Boldin, go for it!

Tight End

Greg Olsen Car- Cam Newton has been great this year. His #1 target has been Steve Smith, but his second target has definitely been Olsen. The Vikings have struggled against the pass this year, but Jared Allen will get some pressure on Cam forcing him to check down. I believe that means a big day for Olsen.

Stay Away


Ryan Fitzpatrick Buf- Coming back from the bye week things may be corrected, but I am not counting on it. After a great start to the year Fitzpatrick has been average the past few weeks. The Bills play the Redskins this week, who have struggled as a team recently, but they still have a solid defense that is led by the pass rush. I see Fitzpatrick having to hurry his throws all day. Stay away from Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Running Backs

Steven Jackson Stl- The Saints defeated the Colts 62-7 on Sunday night. This week the Saints play the Rams. This one could very well get ugly early. Forcing the Rams to pass much more than they would like. I just do not think that Jackson will get the touches to make him a good play this week.

Bernard Scott Cin- Cedric Benson finally has to serve his one game suspension, and that means Scott is the guy for one week. The Bengals play Seattle this week, who actually has been pretty tough against the run. I expect him to get 12-15 carries this week, but I doubt he gets the goal line carries. I do not like Bernard Scott this week.

Wide Receivers

Sidney Rice Sea- I will never understand why Sidney Rice went to Seattle this off-season. He is one of the most talented WR in the NFL, but there is just nobody to get him the ball. This week they play the Bengals. The Bengals have played well against pass all season. Stay away from Sidney Rice.

Reggie Wayne Ind- If you have not done so already, it is definitely time to bench Wayne. Curtis Painter does not even seem to look his way. They play the Titans this week, who plays the pass fairly well. I think the Colts will try to run the ball more this week. Stay away from Reggie Wayne.

Tight End

Aaron Hernandez NE- I know, I know. Hernandez has been great this year, and if you do not have any other options, you can start him and I do not mind that. I just do not see many tight ends out there worth mentioning that I would stay away from. The Steelers defense has really improved the past couple of weeks and I think they will give Brady some problems. I do not think Hernandez will have a great game.

There it is, my list of players that I think you should either Go For It or Stay Away. I hope this post helps you make tough decisions on your fantasy line-ups this week. As always if you have specific questions, do not hesitate to follow me and send me a tweet @FfootballQA. I will answer your questions, usually right away. Thanks for reading. Good luck in Week 8!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

SOS Pick'em week 7

Once again sorry for getting these up here late but better late than never. Before I get into the picks I have to get something off of my chest..


Ahh Rutgers pride..

Ok so let's see. I only got one pick right, luckily it was my upset, netting me 2 points. Big Ray on the other hand went 3-1 getting 4 points in his best week of the season! This week we're going to incorporate the picks of our fantasy guro, Dan the man (@FFootballQA), as well. Since, barring an insane collapse, we won't be able to count him in terms of total points, we'll see how he does in terms of win percentage against us. SO LET'S GET TO IT!

Student of Sports @StudentofSports (11-13, 14pts) 
Atlanta (+3.5) over DETROIT
Tim Tebow... I MEAN!.. Denver (+3.5) over MIAMI
NEW YORK JETS (+1.5) over San Diego (which of course in German means, a whale's vagina.)
And for my upset I like the Tampa Bay Bucs to take down the Chicago Bears in London. London's Calling! Put it on the board!

Ray "Box" @THE_raycalara (10-13, 12pts)
Denver (+3.5) over MIAMI (Why the Hell is Miami favored in what is pretty much a home game for the Tebows?)
DETROIT (-3.5) over Atlanta
Green Bay (-8.5) over MINNESOTA
And for his upset Ray is going to go with St. Louis to go into Dallas and take down the Cowboys. HOW ABOUT DEM COWBOYS?!?!

Fantasy Guru Dan @FFootballQA (0-0, 0pts)
San Diego (-1.5) over the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS
Baltimore (-7.5) over JACKSONVILLE
OAKLAND (-3.5) over Kansas City
And for his upset Dan the man is gonna be taking the Washington Redkins  and that combo of running backs against Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers. Peace out!

Enjoy the games today guys!