Friday, September 23, 2011

SoS Pick'em Week 3

It's that time again. Time for Ray and I to submit our week 3 picks. I'll change they way I type it this week to help avoid confusion. I will put the home team in all caps. As you all know, I'm sure, Ray "Box" finally got off the schnide and got a resounding 2 picks, for 2 points, right last weekend and just missed on calling Carolina to upset Green Bay. I was slightly more impressive getting 3 picks correct for 4 points. Oh yeah, I called the Titans over the Ravens, don't act like you're not impressed! So now I'll put an end to the tomfoolery and lay out the picks..

Student of Sports (5-3, 6 pts):
Pittsburgh (-10.5) over INDIANAPOLIS (aka the new worst team in the NFL)
Washington (+6.5) over DALLAS (How about them Cowboys?)
OAKLAND (+3.5) over the NY Jets
And for my upset pick I like Miami to go into Cleveland and beat the Browns. Did you know that in the last 2 seasons the Dolphins are 1-9 at home? Awful I know.. but they also happen to be 6-2 on the road! So that's why I like them to get a road victory here. PUT IT ON THE BOARD!

Ray "Box" (2-6, 2pts):
PHILIDELPHIA (-7.5) over the NY Giants (This is Ray twisting the knife in my back..)
SAN DIEGO (-14.5) over Kansas City (Real bold, Ray.)
NEW ORLEANS (-3.5) over Houston
And for his upset Ray likes Oakland to take down those mighty, mighty Jets.

Enjoy the games and feel free to submit your own picks in the comment section. Also be sure to check out our podcast from this past week.

Class Dimissed
Student of Sports

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  1. The Governor (6-2, 8 pts)

    Packers (-3.5) over da BEARS
    Falcons (+1.5) over the BUCS
    Lions (-3.5) over the VIKINGS

    **Upset Special**
    Texans over the SAINTS


  2. 4-4, 5 pts

    San Francisco +2.5
    Detroit -2.5
    New England -8.5

    Denver over Tennessee