Friday, December 23, 2011

Go For It or Stay Away Week 16

Here it is, this is Championship Week for the majority of Fantasy Football players. If you are still alive your team is probably pretty set, but I am here for your help anyways. I love this time of the season, because every single decision that you make can potentially make or break you. It is crunch time, time to bring your best. Lets get started.

Go For It


Cam Newton Car- When looking at solid matchups for Cam Newton, I look for weak defenses as a whole. Not just poor pass defenses, but also teams who struggle against the run. Well, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers definitely fit that bill. I look for Cam to go off in this game. He is an absolute must start, Go For It! Honorable Mention- Tim Tebow, Matt Ryan, and Mark Sanchez.

Running Backs

Rashard Mendenhall Pit- If you are a Mendenhall owner and are reading this column, you probably have a pretty strong team. Mendenhall has been so disappointing this season, so I assume if you made the finals in your league, it was not on the back on Rasard Mendenhall. I think this is the week that he receives your forgiveness. I love the matchup this week against the Rams who are the 32nd ranked team against the run in the NFL. Not to mention, with Big Ben banged up I expect to see a heavy dose of the run. Start Mendenhall with confidence.

Willis McGahee Den- Denver plays the Buffalo Bills this week, who have been terrible against the run this year, especially recently. He is a bit banged up but it appears he is going to play. Assuming he plays McGahee is a must start this week. Go For It! Honorable Mention- LeGarrette Blount, Ryan Matthews, and Reggie Bush.

Wide Receivers

Demaryius Thomas Den- Love the matchup for the Broncos all over the field against the Bills. Thomas has been Tim Tebow's number one target the past few weeks. I do think that the Broncos run the ball a lot in this game, but the Bills secondary can certainly be beat deep. That is where Thomas comes in. I like him a lot this week.

Santana Moss Was- I like Moss as a good #2 option this week. Since returning from injury he has obviously returned as Rex Grossman's number one target. He gets the Minnesota Vikings this week, whose secondary is atrocious. Go For It when it comes to Santana Moss this week. Honorable Mention- Brandon Marshall, AJ Green, and Victor Cruz.

Tight End

Jermichael Finley GB- With Jennings out Rodgers looked for Finley much more than he did before. I think they lean on him heavily in this Christmas Day game against the Bears. Remember last time against Chicago? Finley scored 3 times, start him with extreme confindence. Honorable Mention- Aaron Hernandez, Brent Celek, and Dustin Keller.

Stay Away


Eli Manning NYG- Manning has been great this season, but in the championship game of your fantasy league, it is really tough to start a guy against one of the pass defenses in the league, unless he is a top 5 guy (which I do not think Eli is). I just feel there are much better options out there than Eli Manning against Darrell Revis and Co. Stay Away. Dishonorable Mention- Joe Flacco and Ben Roethlisberger.

Running Backs

BenJarvus Green-Ellis NE- The law firm has been very up and down this season. He may score and salvage a decent game, but I am staying away from him in such an important week against a good rush defense in Miami.

Marshawn Lynch Sea- As great as Lych has been, I cannot recommend a running back against the 49ers defense. They have not given up a rushing TD all season! If you have to start Lynch but I would be looking for other options. Dishonorable Mention- Roy Helu, Any GB RB, and Ahmad Bradshaw.

Wide Receivers

Brandon Lloyd Stl- I think that Lloyd will get the attention of the Steelers defense all day. Not to mention the Steelers allow the fewest fantasy points to opposing Wide Receivers in the league. Stay Away.

Hakeem Nicks NYG- Boy, Nicks could have had a great day last week. He had some key drops that killed his team, and ripped the hearts out of his fantasy owners. This week, he will probably be on Revis Island. You may not have better options, but if possible I am staying away from Nicks. Dishonorable Mention- Stevie Johnson, Nate Washington, and Laurent Robinson.

Tight End

Kellen Winslow TB- He is a guy that needs to score a touchdown to be successful, and he has not scored in a while. Freeman just does not seem to look for him as much. I am not a big Winslow fan this week. Stay Away. Dishonorable Mention- Mercedes Lewis and Heath Miller

There you have it guys. I hope this helps you in your goal to take down your league title. If you need any more help do not hesitate to send me a Tweet @FfootballQA. Good luck and Happy Holidays!

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