Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Go For It or Stay Away Week 8

Aaron Rodgers, Matt Forte, Micheal Turner, Greg Jennings, and Darren McFadden. What do all of these guys have in common? Well, first of all they are elite fantasy performers at their respective positions, and second they are all on a bye for Week 8. That is a lot of fire power that we do not have to put into our fantasy line-ups. This could make for some tough decisions. I am going to give you a handful of players to Go For It and some that you should Stay Away, to make your line-up decisions easier.

Go For It!


Matthew Stafford Det- Stafford has been a little shaky the past couple of weeks and he did suffer an ankle injury late in the game against Atlanta. That being said, the test results on the ankle came back fine and he is day-to-day. Assuming he plays, I really like his match-up this week against Denver. I look for Stafford to have a big day, just be sure to check and see if that ankle gives him more problems than expected.

Running Backs

Chris Johnson Ten- Before last week, it seemed to me that Johnson was ready to break out and start performing as the fantasy star that he is. Last week, he definitely took a step back. The Titans play Indianapolis this week, who has been one of the worst teams against the run all season. Do not give up just yet Johnson owners, I think he will bounce back nicely this week. When it comes to the Tennessee RB this week, go for it!

Knowshon Moreno Den- Moreno was the starter going into this season, but lost his job to Willis McGahee. With McGahee out this week, I think Moreno will be determined to win his job back for good. On top of that, Detroit has struggled against the run all season, and I think they will use Knowshon to take some pressure off of Tebow. Go for it!

Wide Receivers

Mike Wallace Pit- Maybe a little obvious, but Wallace has been a favorite of mine since draft day. He seems to be good for a long TD catch every week, and against the New England secondary that has given up the most passing yards per game in the NFL this season, I do not see this week being an exception. Love me some Mike Wallace this week.

Anquan Boldin Bal- The Ravens were absolutely embarrassed Monday night against the Jaguars, but Boldin did manage to catch a TD pass. I expect the Ravens to come back in a big way this week against the Arizona Cardinals. Arizona has been one of the worst teams against the pass, and I do not expect that to change this week. When it comes to Boldin, go for it!

Tight End

Greg Olsen Car- Cam Newton has been great this year. His #1 target has been Steve Smith, but his second target has definitely been Olsen. The Vikings have struggled against the pass this year, but Jared Allen will get some pressure on Cam forcing him to check down. I believe that means a big day for Olsen.

Stay Away


Ryan Fitzpatrick Buf- Coming back from the bye week things may be corrected, but I am not counting on it. After a great start to the year Fitzpatrick has been average the past few weeks. The Bills play the Redskins this week, who have struggled as a team recently, but they still have a solid defense that is led by the pass rush. I see Fitzpatrick having to hurry his throws all day. Stay away from Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Running Backs

Steven Jackson Stl- The Saints defeated the Colts 62-7 on Sunday night. This week the Saints play the Rams. This one could very well get ugly early. Forcing the Rams to pass much more than they would like. I just do not think that Jackson will get the touches to make him a good play this week.

Bernard Scott Cin- Cedric Benson finally has to serve his one game suspension, and that means Scott is the guy for one week. The Bengals play Seattle this week, who actually has been pretty tough against the run. I expect him to get 12-15 carries this week, but I doubt he gets the goal line carries. I do not like Bernard Scott this week.

Wide Receivers

Sidney Rice Sea- I will never understand why Sidney Rice went to Seattle this off-season. He is one of the most talented WR in the NFL, but there is just nobody to get him the ball. This week they play the Bengals. The Bengals have played well against pass all season. Stay away from Sidney Rice.

Reggie Wayne Ind- If you have not done so already, it is definitely time to bench Wayne. Curtis Painter does not even seem to look his way. They play the Titans this week, who plays the pass fairly well. I think the Colts will try to run the ball more this week. Stay away from Reggie Wayne.

Tight End

Aaron Hernandez NE- I know, I know. Hernandez has been great this year, and if you do not have any other options, you can start him and I do not mind that. I just do not see many tight ends out there worth mentioning that I would stay away from. The Steelers defense has really improved the past couple of weeks and I think they will give Brady some problems. I do not think Hernandez will have a great game.

There it is, my list of players that I think you should either Go For It or Stay Away. I hope this post helps you make tough decisions on your fantasy line-ups this week. As always if you have specific questions, do not hesitate to follow me and send me a tweet @FfootballQA. I will answer your questions, usually right away. Thanks for reading. Good luck in Week 8!

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