Friday, December 16, 2011

Go For It or Stay Away Week 15

I always tend to change my approach at this point of the season in Fantasy Football. During the season, I usually lean towards guys with high “boom or bust” potential. Now, that does not mean I always start guys like that, but if I have two players that you could argue starting, I usually go with the guy that could potentially go off for a huge game as opposed to the guy that is more of a consistent scorer. Now that we are in the playoffs, it is all about consistency for me. At this point, most of us are in a 'win or go home' type of scenario. I think it is very smart to switch up your thinking in the playoffs and lean towards the guys that will give you that consistency. You simply cannot afford to have a goose egg in your lineup this week. Alright, lets get started.

Go For It


Tony Romo Dal- Not only has Romo been very good recently, he has been consistent all season. We all know that he can be erratic as a NFL QB at times, but you can usually count on him for good fantasy production. This week Romo and the Cowboys go on the road to take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bucs have struggled defending the pass all season, and have lost seven straight games. I look for the Cowboys to throw the ball early and often to try and put this one away right away. Honorable Mention- Tim Tebow, Rex Grossman, and Andy Dalton.

Running Backs

Chris Johnson Ten- Johnson has seemed to take advantage of poor run defenses recently. Scoring huge against Tampa Bay, Carolina, and Buffalo in three of the past five weeks. This week he faces the Indianapolis Colts, who have given up the 3rd most points to opposing Running Backs. Chris Johnson has feasted on weak run defenses and has been average against better ones. Indy is obviously awful against the run, and therefore I am starting Johnson with extreme confidence this week. Go For It!

Roy Helu Was- It has been a very impressive few weeks for Helu. He has rushed for at least 100 yards in three straight games. Not only are the stats there, this rookie running back has passed the eye test. He looks like a very patient runner, and I for one have been very impressed. The best part about Roy Helu is his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. He is definitely an option for Rex Grossman, stabilizing his value if the Redskins get blown out. Honorable Mention- Felix Jones, Cedric Benson, and Reggie Bush.

Wide Receivers

AJ Green Cin- If we lived in a world where there was no Cam Newton, AJ Green would be the runaway NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year. Unfortunately, for the WR sensation out of Georgia, Cam does exist and will probably walk away with the award. Green has still had an outstanding season, and has a really solid rapport with fellow rookie Andy Dalton. They face the Rams this week, who can not stop anybody. Green is a must start this week. Go For It!

Percy Harvin Min- Harvin has scored 5 touchdowns in the past 4 games. He has been a real weapon for the Vikings, and Joe Webb looked very good last week taking over for an injured Christian Ponder. If Ponder cannot go this week, I am not worried because Webb showed he is formidable. The Vikings face the powerful Saints this week, so Harvin could be a guy who puts up big garbage time points this week. Honorable Mention- Eric Decker, Dez Bryant, and Damian Williams.
Tight End

Jake Ballard NYG- Ballard has been pretty hit or miss this season, but lets be honest, pretty much any tight end not named Gronkowski, Graham, or Gates is hit or miss. The Giants play the Redskins this week, who allow the second most points to opposing Tight Ends. I think Ballard has a good chance at a red zone score in this one. Honorable Mention- Jermichael Finley and Kellen Winslow Jr.

Stay Away


Phillip Rivers SD- Rivers has been much better as of late, but I am not a believer for this week. This one is pretty simple, he faces the Baltimore Ravens, who have arguably the best defense in the league. Rivers has struggled with turnovers this season and the Ravens have caused a ton. Tough for me to recommend Rivers at all this week. Stay Away. Dishonorable Mention- Alex Smith and Mark Sanchez.

Running Backs

Rashard Mendenhall Pit- Mendenhall has been quite possibly the most disappointing player in fantasy football this year. He has had decent games here and there, but has not been the consistent performer that his owners have come to expect. I have to imagine that you have much better options this week than Mendenhall against the number one run defense in the NFL, the San Francisco 49ers. Stay Away.

Deangelo Williams/ Jonathan Stewart Car- Once again I am going to put these guys up here together. I would like to say, that I would not be surprised if one guy or the other was to go off for a big game. That being said, it is impossible to pick which one will. Against (in my opinion) the best overall defense in the league, the timeshare between the two guys, and Cam Newton stealing major goal line carries, there are many reasons to stay far away from Carolina Running Backs this week. Dishonorable Mention- CJ Spiller, Frank Gore, and Mike Tolbert.

Wide Receivers

Vincent Jackson SD- As I mentioned earlier in this piece, when it comes down to the playoffs I try and pick more consistent guys as opposed to swinging for the fences with more of a risky pick. Well, Jackson has been the definition of a 'swing for the fences' guy this season. You never know what you will get from him, and I for one am not willing to put my playoff hopes in the hands of Vincent Jackson, especially against the tough Ravens defense. Stay Away.

Pierre Garcon Ind- Garcon is another 'hit or miss' kind of guy. He has been very inconsistent, and I think that there are much better options out there. Garcon has put up some pretty solid overall statistics this season, but a lot of those numbers have come from a handful of games. I would just like to see a bit more consistency to be able to trust him at this point in the season against a solid defense like Tennessee. Dishonorable Mention- Santonio Holmes, Anquan Boldin, and Johnny Knox.

Tight End

Greg Olsen Car- The Houston Texans have not given up many points at all to opposing Tight Ends this season. I look at Olsen as a very hit or miss play this week, basically depending on if he scores. He is not worth the risk in my eyes. Stay Away. Dishonorable Mention- Heath Miller and Vernon Davis.

Alright guys, here is the “Go For It or Stay Away” for Week 15. I hope you all enjoyed it and it was helpful to you in your playoff run. I would like to wish you all good luck, and continued success. Go get em! As always, I am always here for your help, do not hesitate to send me a tweet @FfootballQA.

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  1. Thanks for the post. I agree with most of your selections. In fact, I benched Jackson on all three fantasy teams that own him in favor of Laurent Robinson (owned on all four of my teams)...Let's hope that move works.