Monday, November 28, 2011

The Tebow Effect

Not to long ago I introduced to you a theory on judging NFL quarterbacks knows as the "Jerk Test". Well today I plan on laying out a possible exception to that test known as the "Tebow Effect".

To sum it up quickly the Jerk Test is a method of gauging how much of a jerk an NFL quarterback is. Unlike most situations in life, the Jerk Test proposes that being a jerk is a positive attribute for a quarterback to have. This allows him to be the alpha dog in the locker room and take control of the huddle. But what if a quarterback is so far the opposite way that his teammates are drawn to him? What if the player is such a great person that he is automatically considered the leader of the team? This is the Tebow Effect.

The Denver Broncos began the year an underwhelming 1-4. That's when the inevitable was forced into action. The fans wanted it, the media wanted it, and although the coaches may not have wanted it, Tim Tebow was thrust into the starting quarterback role. Amazingly after that the defense began to play at a much better, and the team began winning games. 5 out of their next 6 to be exact! But it's not JUST the winning that makes this story an interesting one, but the way they are winning. After Tebow got the starting job the organization traded away his best weapon, Brandon Lloyd, away to the Rams. Tim Tebow by all means is not a great passer of the football. He often misses wide open players on what seem like easy balls. He has forced the Broncos' coaching staff to create a college type option offense that to be polite, is not very attractive to watch. Yet despite all of these things Tim Tebow finds away to take his team down the field at the end of the game and win it. Their defense is playing at a level nobody saw coming. They get exceptional effort from their Special Teams. The opponent often appears to melt down down the stretch opening the door for a Tebow lead victory. Is this all just a string of good luck? Is it chance? Or is Tim Tebow actually in some way responsible for giving the seemingly dismal Broncos a shot at the playoffs?

Tim Tebow is not like any professional athlete of my lifetime. He seems to live his life in a pure and virtuous way that most people cannot rap their minds around. He devotes his life to Jesus and is always quick to thank Him for everything he has done and accomplished. Tim Tebow lives his life as a God fearing man and is completely comfortable telling the world about it. He seems to be the opposite of a jerk. Maybe he is such a great person that the entire team is completely behind him. Maybe they believe? Maybe the have become subject to the Tebow Effect...

So from now on this is how we will define the Tebow Effect:

#TebowEffect - When things inexplicably begin turning right for a team due to the presence of a single player who has captivated his/her team through their good virtue. It is a corollary to the QB Jerk Test.

Class Dismissed,
Student of Sports

PS: Gotta give rookie Von Miller some love. He has turned into an absolute BEAST on this Denver defense. Clearcut defensive rookie of the year.

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