Saturday, October 15, 2011

SOS Pick'em Week 6

Hey everybody! Sorry for the delay on this weeks picks but like so many of you, I get busy sometimes. It's been an exciting week here on the blog as Ray Box (@THE_raycalara) wrote his post on college athletics  and we added Dan the Man (@FFootballQA) to give weekly fantasy football updates in his 'Go for it' or Stay away' post. I hope you enjoyed his first post and you can send him a tweet to get more specific info. By the way you can follow me at @StudentofSports.

Last weekend I did alright going 2-2 but getting my upset right netting me a total of 3 points. Ray, on the other hand, did not fair so well going 1-3 and only receiving 1 point. Do better, Ray! So let's dive right into the picks..

Student of Sports (10-10, 12pts)
WASHINGTON (-0.5) over Philadelphia
Houston (+7.5) over BALTIMORE
Minnesota (+3.5) over CHICAGO
And for my upset special let me have Tampa Bay to rebound from a crushing defeat and take down the Saints at home.

Ray "Box" (7-13, 8pts)
It's a damn good thing Ray isn't a gambling man..
Carolina (+4.5) over ATLANTA
OAKLAND (-5.5) over Cleveland
GREEN BAY (-14.5) over St. Louis
And for his upset Ray is going to go with San Fransisco  to defeat those mighty Detroit Lions.

Good luck guys and enjoy this weekend's action!