Friday, October 7, 2011

SOS Pick'em Week 5

For obvious reasons I'm not in as witty or chipper of a mood today so we'll probably get through the picks relatively quickly. On a positive note, last night Yankee loss signaled the official start of New York Giants Football! Don't let me down boys.

Last weekend I went an awful 1-3 netting 1 point. Ray managed to go 2-2 and picked up 2 points. He's slowly bu surely closing the gap. And as for this week..

Student of Sports (8-8, 9pts)
Tennessee (+7.5) over PITTSBURGH
Kansas City (+2.5) over INDIANAPOLIS
Tampa Bay (+1.5) over SAN FRANCISCO (Loving me some of that road team special!)
And for my upset for this week is for Buffalo to defend their turf and take down those once might Philadelphia Eagles. PUT IT ON THE BOARD!

Ray "Box" (6-10, 7pts)
NEW YORK GIANTS (-9.5) over Seattle (Back to back weeks Ray goes with the Giants. Can you feel the love?!?!)
New Orleans (-5.5) over CAROLINA
Green Bay (-5.5) over ATLANTA (ouch..)
And for his upset Ray likes Denver to defend the home turf against the San Diego Chargers. Maybe he's feeling a little Tim Tebow action this week?

Like I say every week feel free to submit your own picks below in the comment section. Enjoy the weekend!

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  1. 7-9, 9 points

    Colts -2.5
    Eagles -2.5
    Raiders +6.5

    Bengals over Jaguars