Thursday, June 9, 2011

If Wade is Batman than it Feels Like Lebron is 'Robin' us of our Lunch Money!

(BA DUUUM CHHHHHHHHHHHH) ....This is the part of the post where you're either saying to yourself "Wow, what a funny title! (hahahahahahahah) I can't wait to read the rest!" or... "Really? That's how you are going to start this? Let's hope that's your last attempt at humor for the day."

Regardless of how impressed you are with the comedic value of the title, you cannot deny there is some truth to it. Through four games I can safely say that I've learned three things from these Hollywood script like finals;
  1. Dirk Nowitzki is straight up the man.
  2. The Miami Heat continue to be property of a Mr. Dwyane Tyrone Wade Jr.
  3. LeBron James is perfectly content with point number 2.
It's easy for me to talk about point number 1, I mean these entire finals have been pretty much a Dirk love fest. (I'm really starting to think that if Dallas pulls out this series there are several people in the media who will be waiting for Dirk at his locker after the game with their pants off.) I'll quickly say that it's amazing how every game as soon as you think he's just being bullied by somebody like Udonis Haslem, he flips the switch and just straight up takes over. His performance has been simply put, sensational. Let's just hope guys like Jason Terry, J.J. Barrea, and especially Tyson Chandler continue to show up for the rest of the series because God knows Dirk can't do it all on his own. (At this point I'm considering a helpful Jason Kidd performance a given, he can help Dirk without scoring.)

The next two points we can kinda cover at the same time. There was never any doubt going into this season that this would be D-Wade's team and LeBron would have to work at making it rightfully his. The thing we didn't know going in was that LeBron had no problem whatsoever with this being Wade's team. It honestly seems like he is perfectly happy being the Robin to Wade's Batman, being the Pippen to Wade's Jordan, damn it he's even content with being the Rob Schneider to Wade's Adam Sandler! Going into this series I though that was fine, I even told one of my friends after watching a 1st and 10 debate, "If I'm the Heat I don't care who's finishing, LeBron or Wade, as long as Dwayne Wade is the guy making that decision." Truth be told I believed that until I sat there watching game 4, honestly forgetting that there was a guy named LeBron on this Miami Heat team. Believe it or not I for a brief moment in time though to myself "If Dwyane Wade can't get open they need to give the ball to Bosh!" Please tell me you guys see what's wrong with that statement? How had LBJ actually fallen that far out of the picture in that game that the first thing I thought down the stretch was that if Wade was in trouble they'd need to get the ball to Bosh? I've spent the last few months making fun of Bosh for just about everything (insert Chris Bosh is ugly and/or Two and a Half Men joke) and there was actually a moment in time where I thought of him over LeBron, possibly the most talented basketball player on the planet! Unbelievable.

That's what, in a truly breathtaking NBA Finals thus-far, is heartbreaking about this series. We have one of the greatest athletes in the world on the court and instead if living up to his potential, he's OK with hiding out in the corner watching Wade try and win him a ring. I feel as if, up to this point, I had been fair with LeBron James. I wasn't going to compare him to MJ, I wasn't going to blame him for having no supporting cast in Cleveland, and I wasn't even going to blame him for leaving. But you know what? I will blame him if he doesn't bring it in the next few games of this series. I will blame him if he fails to play to what his potential is. I will blame him if he robs me of witnessing what should be an awe inspiring performance in crucial moments of big games. And the biggest thing is, I will blame him for appearing not to care.

Deep down part of me hopes that tonight, in game 5, LeBron's stats look like 35-12-10 and he just goes Cee Lo Green, F You, all over the Dallas Mavericks. Not because I want the Heat to win, I don't. Not because I'm even a huge LBJ fan as a player, I'm not. But because I want to witness something special. As an NBA fan I want to see the performance I thought I would see. I don't want to walk away feeling like I've been robbed of something, even if it's something as juvenile as my lunch money.

Class Dismissed,
The Sports Undergrad


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