Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cleveland Stop, Cleveland Stop!

(For those of you who do not understand the title, it's a play on this song by The Presidents of the United States of America.  Great song!)

And also before I start, I wanna apologize for not getting this post up sooner. On Monday I had surgery and it's been hard to function. Let's hope I can get through this without it becoming too apparent that there is Vicodin currently running through my system.

So by now me talking about how the Dallas Mavericks won the NBA title in game six (called it!) over the Heat last Sunday is not exactly breaking news. (And in the process won me a t-shirt from! It's great sports social networking site you should all check it out.) But, putting my spot on prediction and brand new t-shirt aside there was something about the aftermath of these finals that really ticked me off. Now, as someone who was rooting against Miami and for Dallas I get the excitement, believe me I do. But if I have to here about the city of Cleveland and psycho ex-girlfriend owner Dan Gilbert, and how happy we should all be for them one more time I might just throw up. (Actually that might be the meds making me regurgitate my breakfast, but who's keeping track?)  Like we get it Cleveland, last off season sucked, but will you get over it already?

Did you see Dan Gilbert's tweet after the Mavs won Sunday night? Saying something about no shortcuts? In my personal opinion that was a no class move. What Dan Gilbert should be doing is calling Mark Cuban to PRIVATELY congratulate him. Not posting a cute cliche on twitter like some 13 year old girl hoping to create drama to be talked about the next day at school. How about instead of taking a nice long bath in self-pity, Gilbert focuses on nothing but the next NBA draft.. WHERE HE HAS TWO TOP 4 PICKS! Come on Gilbert, get over it.

I did a little research and saw that the 5 stages of grief were;
  1. Denial and Isolation - This should have been the initial reaction to "I'm taking my talents to South Beach"
  2. Anger - This is probably the stage where you start burning jerseys.
  3. Bargaining - So I'm thinking this was the moment right before the regular season started where most Cavs fans thought to themselves "S**t, my team sucks... Can we have LeBron back?"
  4. Depression - OK this is probably when the Cavaliers up just one of the worst regular seasons in NBA history. I even feel bad that Cleveland fans had to suffer through that but last time I checked that season did end, so let's hope this stage does. 
  5. Acceptance - (cricket... cricket...) Yeah I'm still waiting on this one too..
Why does it feel like Cleveland is back at anger when they should be accepting this and moving on? I guess that's what really gets me mad. As much as I hate how they were screwed over last summer, I hate more that they are content wallowing in their own self pity and not moving on. This should make Cleveland fans stronger, not turn them into middle school girls. And let me just throw out a disclaimer that I'm not talking about all Cleveland fans, just the way their owner and a lot of the fans are responding. So what would really make me happy, and allow sports fans in Cleveland to grow, is if they could move on from this and look forward to the future. I know they most likely won't be where the were a year or two ago anytime soon but they WILL get better and I would hope the climb would be fun for them. All I'm saying is this; Forget about LBJ, don't follow his every move, look forward to the future, and for God's sake put this behind you! Let's get through this 5th and final step of acceptance, Cleveland. What do you say?

I'm sure this post was a little more disorganized and loopy than most but you know what, it was damn fun to write! But look forward to more posts without the influence of pain killers in the coming days.

Class Dismissed,
The Sports Undergrad


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