Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We All Have Our 'Pitt Falls'

Well, what can I say? It seems as if my long awaited bracket may in fact be one of the worst brackets of all time.. After a pretty mediocre first (or 'second' if you actually buy in to the fact that the play in games were actually considered the first round... I think not) round I was at least content with the fact that my final 4 teams all preformed very strongly and I only lost one of my elite 8 teams. (Why I decided that Tom Izzo would be able to over achieve THAT much with a less than impressive Michigan State team, I will never know). Then the second ( or 'third'...whatever) round came and I watched Butler upset Pitt, the team I thought would finally win it all, in a crazy finish, crap... Well at least the remaining three teams from my final 4 are still alive, right? right? right? WRONG. The team I picked to play against Pitt in the National Championship game, Syracuse, lost to Big East rival and underdog Marquette. Well, this sucks.. With only half my final 4 still in tact (the half that I didn't have in the national title game by the way) and half of my elite 8 gone, it's not looking good. Safe to say at this point it would appear as if we will have a guest blogger once this tournament is all said and done. I won't show the actual results until the tournament is over but you should all be able to see how you're doing in your bracket on your own.

As depressing as my bracket has been isn't this why we love sports, though? And particularly March Madness? The great thing about sports is that it's not scripted, anything can happen. One week any team can look elite and the next they can fall to far inferior competition. In life we are always looking for an underdog to take our imagination on a wild ride, cheering for the unexpected, and rooting for the improbable. Sports fills this part of our lives and tells us real life stories that even the best hollywood writer couldn't script. So looking back at the first two (or three!) rounds of the tournament, would I change the way I made my picks? I was originally going to say no I wouldn't change them and that it's been a fun ride but who am I kidding? Heck yes I would change my picks! Have you guys seen my bracket? This is just embarrassing.. Please remind me next year that as much as I love the Big East teams during the regular season they tend to disappoint come tourny time. So while I cry myself to sleep tonight because of how worthless my bracket is (True story: Last night I was doing some reading in my room , Bill Simmons' "The Book of Basketball; The NBA According the the Sports Guy",  and I saw an ant crawl across my desk. Wanting to 'dispose' of it i looked for a piece of paper. Sitting in my printer was plenty of paper but I decided that may be valuable in the future so I shouldn't use that. I then saw my bracket sitting there and feeling like it had absolutely no worth to me, I used that to 'do the deed'. Safe to say my opinion of my picks has fallen to an all time low..) I implore you all to enjoy the remaining games of the NCAA tournament because there are sure to be more twists and turns that will keep us coming back for more. Good luck, and enjoy.

Class Dismissed,
The Sports Undergrad


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  1. Just showing the blog some love. Happy to see your still blogging strong. I think I'm gonna retire until summer. But keep up the good work.