Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Who Would You Rather See 'Receive' Another Shot?

So the last couple days I've been listening to some sports talk radio and I've heard an interesting debate come up multiple times; who would you rather have on your team, Plaxico Burress or Randy Moss? This questions has come up since the Jets have expressed interest in Moss and Plax is going to be released from prison on June 6th (according to reports, don't quote me on that... But the important thing is he is getting out). I was surprised when I heard that overwhelmingly people were saying Randy Moss as if it was no contest. Personally, I would take Burress. 

Now as a self-proclaimed New York Giant's fanatic I'm sure some of you are just thinking this is me just being that 'jilted girlfriend' who keeps going back to the bad boy because she legitimately thinks SHE is the one who can turn him around.. Well let me assure you that is NOT the case because I do not want my beloved G-Men taking Burress, or Moss for that matter, because they do not need help at receiver and I'd rather see them invest that money in the offensive line or line-backer positions. But, that is not to say that if I was a team in need of wide receiver help I wouldn't take a look at these two guys. First of all, I would look at ALL my other options at receiver first, and by 'ALL' I mean I'm asking any 6 foot plus athletic guy I see in the street and offering them a workout, but after I had exhausted all those options (and probably received a couple restraining orders from some intimidating dudes I offered to come back to my 'facilities' and 'work out') I would examine  Burress and Moss. 

Lets lay out a pros and cons list for both these wide outs.

Plaxico Burress
  • Huge target, allows QB to miss his spots (Ask Eli)
  • Explosiveness with YAC
  • Championship experience
  • Big game performer (Just ask the 2008 Packers)
  • What shape is he in?
  • Hasn't played in a couple years
  • History of being late to meetings/practices
  • COST MY GIANTS AN INEVITABLE SUPER BOWL IN 2009 (here comes my jilted-ex side..)
Ok, next we have..

Randy Moss
  • All time great
  • Still a vertical threat
  • Winning experience
  • Great hands
  • This says it all. (<---click the link)
  • Selfish?
  • 3 teams last year
  • History of quitting on team during games
Wait, wait, wait...

Does that say "History of quitting on team during games"...?

Hold on, Let me reread that..


Yup.. It says it.. Wow

See for me, personally, that ends the argument. You can talk all you want about what type  of teammate Plax was from Monday to Saturday but let me say this after watching him while he was part of Big Blue, the guy showed up on Sundays. I'd rather have the "?" Monday through Saturday over the "?" on Sunday any day of the week. Case closed. I can go through all the pros and cons I want and look up all the stats in the world but for me, quitting during game time is a major league deal breaker. That's just simple rule of chising. **Chising: Building an organization with smart front office moves and promoting a team first mentality** So in conclusion; give me Plax over Moss any day, plain and simple.

Class Dismissed
The Sports Undergrad


PS: My thoughts on last nights Mavs/Thunder game, the Thunder might just be too young and Dirk simply refuses to lose.


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