Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Week in Review

As advertised, this past week of sports was definitely top notch. We had Kemba and the boys at UConn beating Butler in an admittedly underwhelming but still exciting Nation Title Game. Maya and the girls at UConn losing in the Final Four in a Women's tournament that will be better remembered for the team that lost in the final four than the team that won it all, Texas A&M. (By the way, doesn't it just feel nice watching Geno Auriemma lose? Somebody needs to tell him that as good as he thinks he and his accomplishments are he's still coaching female basketball, a sport that's less exciting than a Bill Belichick press conference... Oh wait, I'm sure Jim Calhoun is already on it.) The baseball season started with a bang and we're now a week into that seemingly endless simple pleasure that is baseball. (Side note: I'm loving my man Brett 'the threat' Gardner leading off for the Yanks and with their bullpen and some early Boston struggles I'm feeling very excited as a Yankee fan. As for those lovable Mets, they're off to a great start and while it's still to early to make and blod predictions, Mets' fans should at least be positive for the time being.) And I attended the Tuesday night Nets' game against the Love-less Twolves that unfortunately lacked a Michael Beasley meltdown but did have the Nets blow a 15 point lead, Anthony Randolph blowing an opportunity to take a late lead by literally kneeing a ball out of bounds on a fast break, and D-Will hitting a step back J to give the Nets the win with 1.7 left. Overall, not a bad game and a good addition to my already exciting sports week.


Class Dismissed,
The Sports Undergrad

P.S. Our winner of the bracket challenge was Ray Calara who impressively picked UConn to win it all. Congratulations Ray on winning quite possibly the LEAST competitive bracket challenge of all time. Expect a post from him sometime soon. 

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